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A Caliph is generally the leader of a single, unified group of Muslims spanning as far as Muslims have reached. This could range from a few nations, a planet, several systems, to an entire universe. In the Greater Omniverse, the nature of Caliphates and Caliphs could differ by Multiverse, possibly having the position of a leader of all Muslims be the only common trait.

Realms of the Multiverse

Pre planetary unificatuon

The only known existing Caliphate in this Multiverse is the Caliphate of Earth (Chinese: 地球哈里发国, Dìqiú Hālǐfāguó), a supranational organization in R1 replacing the old United Nations.

Every five years, leaders of Muslim nations and representatives of Muslim communities in secular and non-Muslim nations convene in Mecca to discuss matters of the world, and later, the galaxy. Political leaders in secular or non-Muslim states are allowed to attend these meetings and debate in them, but have no voting rights. Since the Muslims of this universe recognize no "true" Caliph other than the Mahdi, an "acting" Caliph (Chinese: 临时哈里发, Línshí Hālǐfā, Provisional Caliph) is elected by the attendees to reign in his stead during these sessions, until his inevitable appearance in the ωth century.

Post planetary unification

The Ashleigh Caliphate

The Caliph is the head of state and head of government of a Caliphate, currently The Ashleigh Caliphate.

Edward Ashleigh
since September 2021
Typehead of state, head of government
Reports toChief Qadi of Sharifistan
ResidenceCaliph's Palace, Madinat Al-Islam, Sharifistan, Ashleigh Caliphate
AppointerEd Ashleigh
Current Caliph
First holderAbu Bakr


Subject to the Quran, the Caliph has the power to:

Declare either war or peace with a foreign country

Grant pardons and commutations for crimes

Sign treaties of various types

Formulate decrees including a Kanun.

Public opinion

65.5% of Muslims support the concept of a Caliphate but only 52.5% support Edward Ashleigh as the Caliph. Amongst members of non-Muslim minorities, 48.5% supported a Caliph and 25.5% supported Ashleigh.

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