The Ashleigh Caliphate

The Caliphate also known as The Ashleigh Caliphate is a caliphate containing Sharifistan, Jordan, Al-Harreh Danistarab, Turkey and The Gambia.

The Ashleigh Caliphate

Al-Khilafat (Arabic, “the Caliphate”), Halifelik (Turkish, “the caliphate”)
founding document
CapitalMadinat Al-Islam
Largest cityMadinat Al-Muluk
Recognised national languagesClassical Arabic (liturgical), modern Arabic, English (commercial)
Recognised regional languagesDanistarabi Arabic, Pashto, Turkish, Manding, Wolof
GovernmentFederal constitutional Caliphate
• Caliph
Edward Ashleigh
Chief Qadi Mehmet Ibn Suleiman Effendi II
CurrencyDinar, dirham, Gambian dalasi
Driving sideright
Patron saintEdbert Ashleigh, Amirah Khadijah Khan

Politics and government

The Ashleigh Caliphate is mostly ruled by the Caliph though the Chief Qadi of Sharifistan exercises judicial review over him.

Legal system

The legal system of The Ashleigh Caliphate is mostly based on shariah law though different interpretations are used in different places. Sharifistan mostly uses Hanafi law with some Maliki influence and influence from the personal interpretation of the Sultan of Sharifistan whilst Al-Harreh Danistarab uses Maliki law as does Jordan. Turkey uses French-influenced secular law and Turkey uses English-influenced secular law though both plan to move to shariah law in the foreseeable future.


The Sharifistani, Jordanian, Danistarabian and Gambian militaries all have allegiance to The Ashleigh Caliphate as do the privateers with letters of marque directly from the Caliphate.


The largest ethnic group is Afro-Arab, which includes 34.5% of the population. The second largest is Sharifistani Turk which is 10.5%.

In terms of religion Islam is the most common followed by atheism with Christianity as the third most common. African traditional religion exists but is followed by a small group. There are many more women than men in The Ashleigh Caliphate due to the war with a female to male ratio that is rounded to 2:1.