Callador Lokaran

His Grace

The Earl of Viqalka
Personal details
Born(1635-03-14)14 March 1635
Lema, Cadenza
Died7 June 1698(1698-06-07) (aged 63)
Torim Viqalka, Cadenza

Callador Lokaran, 1st Earl of Viqalka (14 March 1635-7 June 1698) was a Cadenzan merchant and nobleman.

Born into a Leman merchant family, his introduction to Cadenzan politics was as a secretary in the Lema butter exchange, of which his father was the governor. At the time, the exchange was one of the most important agricultural markets in Cadenza. The connections Lokaran made during his time here would serve him well when, at the age of twenty-seven, he took a loan from his father and began a career as a financier for expeditions to Kamalbia. In late 1671, he was appointed to govern the colony on Torim Viqalka. After leading the populace and the island's garrison to resist attempts by Kelonna to conquer the island, he was eventually promoted to the rank of earl, in 1684.