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The page contains a comprehensive list of the major nations found within Terra Magna. This includes both nations controlled by a person, as well as notable NPCs found throughout the Magnus system.

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Nation List

Flag Arms Formal name Population Location Government type
NoriaFlag.png NorianCoat.png Outer Union of Noria 167 million Deimos Authoritarian Meritocratic Dictatorship
2400 Iravian Flag.jpeg Coat of arms of Irav.png Belter Concord of Irav 131 million The Inner Belt Paternal Autocracy
2400TimerianFlag.png TimeriaCOA.png The United Provinces of Timeria NOT DETERMINED Terra Constitutional Monarchy
RimFlag.png RimCOA.jpeg The Rim League 5.1 million Nomadic Federal Republic
AlrobiaFlag.png AlrobiaCOA.png The Empire of Alrobia UNKNOWN Terra Absolute Monarchy

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