Catholic Church in Carloso

Catholic Church in Carloso
Cathedral of St. John the Divine Exterior.jpg
Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory, Madrigal
TypeNational polity
PopePope Francis
Archbishop of MadrigalEzequiel Semprún
Apostolic NuncioSenri Masashi
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, Latin
HeadquartersMadrigal, Carloso

The Catholic Church in Carloso is part of the worldwide Catholic Church, in communion with the Holy See. It is the largest Christian denomination in Carloso, with 285,227,063 members according to the 2017 census. The leader of the Catholic Church in Carloso is the Archbishop of Madrigal, currently Ezequiel Semprún OP. The current Apostolic Nuncio to Carloso is prelate Senri Masashi from Nifon. The Episcopal Conference of Carloso is the representative body of Catholic Bishops in Carloso

Under the administration of Ezequiel Semprún, the Catholic Church has become very influential in Carlosian politics, while adopting more conservative points of view in line with traditional Catholic teachings.