Chryssa Hallas

Chryssa Hallas
Duchess of Perusia
Born (1960-11-04) 4 November 1960 (age 60)
Xanthi, Lihnidos
SpouseJohn Verrucosus, 1st Duke of Perusia
Full name
Chryssa Evangelia Alena
FatherGoran of Semeum
MotherTheodora, Duchess of Sestini
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Chryssa Hallas, Duchess of Perusia (Chryssa Evangelia Alena, born 4 November 1960) is the current Duchess of Perusia and the wife of John Verrucosus. She is the second eldest of three children born to Duchess Theodroa of Sestini and Goran of Semeum. As the second daughter of the duchess, she was considered the second-in-line to the Duchy of Sestini and her mother's other titles for much of her early life. She was prepared from a young age for the possibility that she could one day inherit her mother's titles. At the age of twenty her older sister Tatiana had her first daughter and Chryssa's fell in the line of succession. She is currently sixth-in-line for the Duchy of Sestini and it's accompanying titles.

Chryssa was born in Xanthi, Lihnidos on 4 November 1960. She attended Stenila Park School for primary education and Kamolis Preparatory School for secondary education. After graduating, she attended Trissos College. Following her graduation from the college in 1982 Chryssa went on to attend law school at College of Legal Studies, Castellum in Latium where she lived with her husband and children at the time. Presently, she moves back and forth between Latium and Lihnidos, although primarily residing in Latium with her family.

Early Life and Education

Chryssa was born on 4 November 1960 at the primary Hallas family estate of Byllerma at approximately 4:30 AM BST. She was the second child and daughter of Duchess Theodora of Sestini and Goran of Semeum, her older sister Tatiana being born four years prior. Her birth was unexpected at the time, as she was born three weeks earlier than the believed due date. She was baptized little more than two weeks following her birth on 20 November 1960. At the time of her birth she was considered second-in-line to inherit the Duchy of Sestini and its accompanying titles.

Chryssa grew up outside of Xanthi, Lihnidos's third largest city. Her family's wealth and position in the nobility enabled her to attend well funded and private educational institutions. At the age of five she began at Stenila Park School and attended there throughout her primary education a short distance from her home. She later attended Kamolis Preparatory School in Xanthi for her secondary education. During her time at Kamolis she earned average grades at around the B level and graduated with a 3.42 GPA and 9th in her class. Following her graduation from Kamolis, she applied for and was accepted to Trissos College where she studied for a Bachelors Degree in Economics. Despite her status, she maintained a low profile at the college and had a small circle of close friends. She participated little in extracurricular activities and often went home on the weekends rather than remaining at the college to be more involved in activities.

Having taken a break to start her family with her husband, Chryssa returned to school at Castellum College in 1992 in the hopes of obtaining a law degree. Shortly after beginning at Castellum College, she deemed the amount of work between raising her children and attempting to obtain a law degree too demanding, and decided to leave the college in order to give all of her energy and attention to her children.

Family and Inheritance

Chryssa was the second of three children born to Duchess Theodora of Sestini. Her elder sister and current Duchess of Sestini, Tatiana, was born four years before her in 1956. Her younger brother, Theron, was born seven years after her in 1967. Chryssa currently has four children, Philippa, Laurentius, Damianus, and Delphina, all from her husband John. She also has two grandchildren, Laura and Irene, both the daughters of Laurentius. She currently has seven nieces and nephews, three coming from her sister and four from her brother. Her eight great nieces and great nephews primarily come from her sisters children, with only one coming from her brother's part of the family.

As the second daughter of a duchess, Chryssa was for much of her early life considered to be second-in-line for her mother's titles with only her older sister in front of her. After her eighteenth birthday there was speculation that Chryssa may be named countess of one of the counties that her mother held control over as consolation for her sister inheriting much of the families holdings and wealth after the death of their mother. Her mother never gave her the suspected title, instead opting to leave both of her daughters titleless. Following the death of her mother in 2014, the duchy and other titles once held by their mother were passed on to Tatiana. The majority of the family assets were passed on to Tatiana as well. Chryssa was left one of the family's estates along the coast of southern Boeotia outside of the seaside town of Cythiene. Her small inheritance was believed to be due to her primarily living in Latium at the time with her husband and children, as well as being the wife of a foreign titleholder.

Personal Life

Chryssa married her husband John Verruscosi on 11 May 1980. The two had met during Chryssa's first year at Trissos College when John's mother, a board member of Verruscosi Holdings at the time, visited the college to speak. According to the couple, they sat next to each other in the audience when John's mother was speaking, and later parted ways after her speech and question and answer session. The two did not know who the other was at the time, but later discovered their identities later in the evening when John and his mother attended a dinner at one of the Hallas estates. After the two met again that evening, they kept in contact and developed a relationship over time. In 1980, two years after meeting, they were wed in Latium.

The two had their first child in 1982, a daughter whom they named Philippa. They later had four more children, Laurentius in 1984, Thomas in 1987, Delphina in 1990, and Adula in 1995.


  • 11 May 1980 – 3 November 2005: Her Ladyship The Lady of Istropolis
  • 3 November 2005 – present: Her Grace The Duchess of Perusia