Delphina Verrucosa

Delphina Verrucosa
Appia Verrucosa Zoe Delphina Theodora

(1990-09-10) 10 September 1990 (age 30)
Utica, Latium
EducationAigis University
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Delphina Verrucosa (Appia Verrucosa Zoe Delphina Theodora; b. 10 September 1990) is a Latin socialite, and the youngest child of John Verrucosus, 1st Duke of Perusia and Chryssa Hallas.

Early life and family

Verrucosa was born on 10 September 1990 at St. Agnes Hospital, in Utica, Latium. She was baptized into the Alban Apostolic Church on 22 November 1990 at Basilica of Holy Martyrs, in Alexandria, by Apostolic Patriarch Konstantinos IV. Her godparents were Zoe Verruscosi (her father's sister), and Theron Hallas (her mother's brother). She was christened with the name Zoe, named for her aunt, though utilizes Delphina as her Christian name.

Verrucosa has many prestigious ancestors and relatives, most recently her paternal grandparents, Felix Verrucosus, 1st Lord of Istropolis and Damiane Vitruvia – the first female CEO of a major Latin corporation. She also descends from numerous other Latin noble familes, including the Claudii, Tullii, and Vitrivii. Her most prominent ancestors from her maternal family are the Hallas family, who hold the Duchy of Sestini, and the Vascos family, who hold the County of Semeum.


From her birth until 2001, she resided in Colonia Augusta, near Castellum ab Alba, and attended Saint Maria's School for Ladies. In 2001, her father became CEO of Verrucosus Holdings, and she attended Lycea Sancta Theodorae in Utica, at which she remained until completing her schooling in 2007. She chose to enroll at Rhodes College at the University of Alexandria for university in 2008 after taking a gap year where she traveled to Belfras, Rabinovska and, Sante Reze. At Alexandria, she studied economics and management, and participated on the college's debate team for her first year, and also the Alban Christian Society. She transferred to Aigis University in neighboring Lihnidos, where she graduated in 2011 with a degree in economics.

Personal life

Prior to attending Rhodes College, Verrucosa entered a relationship with future Latin men's ice hockey star, Thomas Sulpicius, whom she continued to date after he was drafted by AEA Phoenix. The pair separated not long after they moved to Alexandria by December 2008. In early 2009, Verrucosa was spotted with Theophilius Angelos, a classmate of hers at Alexandria, and heir to the Angelos fashion conglomerate; they separated in 2010. In 2015, Verrucosa began dating Lyncanestrian socialite Laurent Baudelaire, they became engaged in late 2017.

Styles, and honors

  • 10 September 1990 – present: Lady Delphina Verrucosa

As the daughter of a Latin peer, Verrucosa is afforded the privilege of utilizing the courtesy style of "Lady". If Verrucosa were to marry an individual of higher rank, she would cease utilizing her Latin style and assume her husband's style.


  •  Latium: Dame of the Most Noble Order of St. Maria Order of the Most Holy Annunciation BAR.svg