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Laurentius Verrucosus

The Illustrious

Count of Suasa

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Lord Palatine of Theodorias–Scipia
Propraetor of Theodorias and Victoriosa
Assumed office
12 January 2017
MonarchConstantine XX
Preceded byThe Duke of Narona
Count of the Private Treasury
Chancellor of the Duchy of Roma
Assumed office
15 January 2017
MonarchConstantine XX
Preceded byMichael Veturius
Propraetor of Ravenna
In office
18 March 2016 – 12 January 2017
MonarchJason VI Augustus
Constantine XX
Preceded byJordan Ulpius
Succeeded byMichael Gentry-Ravenna, Count of Eporedia
Personal details
Proculus Verrucosus Gavros Laurentius Felix

(1984-12-28) 28 December 1984 (age 34)
Utica, Latium
Layla Lianu (m. 2015)
Alma materOlympia (PPE)
Alba School of Economics and Business (Ph.M)
Military service
Allegiance Latium
Service/branch Latin Army
Years of service2002–2006 (end of active service)
RankRank insignia of capitano of the Army of Italy (1973).svg Optio

Laurentius Verrucosus, Count of Suasa, CI EAA OSI (Proculus Verrucosus Gavros Laurentius Felix; b. 28 December 1984) is a Latin businessman and statesman who has served as Count of the Private Treasury since January 2017. Since November 2018, he is known as Count of Suasa, or occasionally Laurentius Suasa.

Verrucosus is the second child and eldest son of John Verrucosus, Duke of Perusia and Lihnidosi noblewoman Chryssa Hallas, making him the grandson of Social War hero and former Consul Felix Verrucosus, Lord of Istropolis. He is heir to the Dukedom of Perusia, currently held by his father.

Family and early life

Laurentius Verrucosus was born on 28 December 1984, at St. Agnes Hospital, in Utica, Latium, to parents then John Verrucosus, Lord of Istropolis and Chryssa Hallas. Verrucosus's father is the eldest legitimate child of Latin Consul and war hero, Felix Verrucosus, 1st Lord of Istropolis. His mother is a member of the prominent Hallas noble family from neighboring Lihnidos. Verrucosus has one older sister, Philippa, and three younger siblings, Damianus, Delphina, and Adula. He was baptized into the Reformed Communion on 13 January 1985 at Basilica of Holy Martyrs. His godparents were Florentine Verrucosus (his father's brother); and Damiane Vitruvia (his father's mother).

Education and career

Verrucosus was educated at Lyceum Sancti Michaelis for his secondary schooling, of which he finished first in his class for his commencement in 2002.

He later graduated from Academia Militaris Olympia in 2006, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. During his time at Olympia, Verrucosus held the distinction of holding the rank of Aquilifer, which gave him the distinction of being the standard bearer for his legion. His studies were focused on a concentration in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, though also took courses in business at the urging of his father. After graduation, Verrucosus was granted a temporary service exemption due to his academic excellence and was transferred to Legionary reserve, and enrolled in a two-year long post-graduate program at Alba School of Economics and Business. He completed the master's program in 2008.

Verrucosus joined Delpha Ventures in fall of 2008, where he remained until being transferred to the main corporate office in Utica. He resigned from his role at VI in 2017 to join the Emperor's Council.

Appointment to the Emperor's Council

Verrucosus was appointed to the Emperor's Council by his cousin, Emperor Constantine XX, in late December 2016, with his official duties beginning in January 2017. Verrucosus was appointed as Count of the Private Fortune, by virtue of his appointment as Chancellor of the Duchy of Roma. In his capacity as Count of the Private Fortune, Laurentius is present at all council meetings and manages the Emperor's personal and familial estate.

He concurrently serves as Lord Palatine of Theodorias–Scipia, a position that he has held since 12 January 2017.

Personal life

Verrucosus is an avid athlete and fan of athletics. He began playing youth football as a child and continues to play to this day in a local Castellum adult league.

In 2014, he began began courting Lady Layla Lianu. They married in 2015, and have have two children: Damiane (b. 1 January 2016) and Laurentius (b. 30 November 2016). He and Lianu are expecting their third child in summer 2019.

Styles, honors and decorations


  • 28 December 1984 – 3 November 2005: Lord Laurentius Verrucosus
  • 3 November 2005 – 12 January 2017: Count of Suasa
  • 12 January 2017 – present: The Illus. Count of Suasa

Honors and decorations

  •  Latium: Knight of the Order of the Golden Eagle AquilaRomana0.png
  •  Latium Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the Empire Army Good Conduct Medal ribbon.svg

Foreign honors

  •  Sydalon: Knight of the Order of the Holy Lance Cavaliere SSML BAR.svg


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Laurentius Verrucosus
Born: 28 December 1984
Political offices
Preceded by
The Duke of Narona
Lord Palatine of Theodorias–Scipia
Current holder
Preceded by
Michael Veturius
Count of the Private Treasury
Current holder