Church of Azmara

Church of Azmara
Kerk âb Azmaara (Azmaran)
PrimateSofia Cârlsdohter
HeadquartersKyningsmer Cathedral, Kyningsmer, Ostlaak, Azmara
Aalmsted, Azmara
Separated fromSolarian Catholic Church
Members6.81 million (2019)
Tax statusTax-exempt
Other name(s)Westmarckian Church

The Church of Azmara (Azmaran: de Kerk âb Azmaara, abbreviated KA) is the largest religious denomination within Azmara, being an Amendist Sotirian denomination. While the church accepts a broad spectrum of Amendist-rooted theological perspectives, the Church's official line is that of the Westmarckian theological tendency, while the Church organises itself along presbyterian lines.

The Church was formed in 1623 as Azmaran territories seceded from the Rudolphian Confederation in order to provide an official body for the Azmaran Amendist movement to congregate itself in, and was soon after declared the official religion of the Azmaran Confederation. The organisation initially had an Episcopalian organisational structure and rooted itself in a theology similar to that of the Solarian Catholic Church it split from, yet by the end of the 18th century the church developed a distinct theology known today as Westmarckianism. The Church also saw significant reform after the creation of the current secular, republican form of government in 1855 as it adjusted to its disestablishment as the state church of Azmara, slowly restructuring itself towards presbyterianism as a result and becoming more distinct in its dominant theological views.

Today, the Church claims 6.81 million members across Azmara, which corresponds to around 68% of the country's population and slightly over 95% of all Sotirians within the country. Church attendance figures are, however, significantly lower than this number, yet many polls show that a majority of Azmarans still broadly believe in the Church's theology.

The Church is traditionally headed by the Primate of Kyningsmer, who takes a primus inter pares role and is currently Reverend Sofija Cârlsdohter, and is governed by the General Synod of the Church of Azmara.