Sotirianity is a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Jesus Sotiras, who is considered the Son of God and the religion's chief prophet. It is the most practiced religion in the world, and emerged from Atudism during and after the life of Jesus, around two millennia ago. Its practice varies considerably between its different denominations, of which there are many.


"Sotirianity" is based on the word "Sotiras", which is the epithet attached to Jesus, coming from the Ancient Piraean σωτήρ ("soter") and meaning "saviour", in recognition of the belief that Jesus Sotiras redeemed humanity by his death.


Sotirianity was and is.


There are many varieties of Sotirianity, typically divided organisationally, and each claiming to be the true successor to the original church established to uphold Sotirianity. One of the oldest, and the largest, is the Solarian Catholic Church, led by the Pope. Other main divisions of the religion include the Episemialist Church, which does not have a central authority like Catholicism, thus being divided into Patriarchates, foremost among which is the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Arciluco. Amendism is a name for those churches which seceded from the Catholics in the mid second millennium CE, seeking to amend their doctrine and practices; there are many Amendist churches of wide variance, including the Church of Azmara and the Church of Caldia. There is also the Brethren Church, mainly active in Satucin.