Constantia of Latium

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Empress of Ghant
Reign1858 – 1863
PredecessorUrsula of Thule
SuccessorElena of Garza
Born3 May 1803
Hieria Palace, Alexandria, Latium
Died29 June 1865(1865-06-29) (aged 62)
Lurberdea, Ghant
Burial19 July 1865
Imperial Crypt, Ghish, Ghant
John III of Ghant
(m. 1822; died 1863)
Full name
Flavia Gentilis Aemilia Constantia Petronia Irene
FatherAndreas III of Latium
MotherEudocia Tullia
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Constantia of Latium (Flavia Gentilis Tullia Constantia Petronia Irene; 3 May 1803 – 29 June 1865), popularly referred to as the Empress of Sorrow, was the third Empress of Ghant, by virtue of her marriage to Emperor John III of Ghant, and a Princess of Latium by birth. She is best remembered for her rumored forbidden romance with her brother-in-law, Prince William of Ghant, which led to accusations that her children were illegitimate. These accusations led to the outbreak of the Ghantish Civil War.

Character and appearance

Constantia was bookish, reserved, something of an intellectual, and a gentle soul. She experimented with a myriad of diets and exercise routines that were peddled at the time and was fascinated by the strange and unusual things of the world.

She was a devoted and doting mother most of the time. However, during some of her darker periods, it was one of her maids that cared for the children. She had little taste for court intrigue and tried to avoid it. This had more to do with her private and gentle nature than it did for any lack of understanding.


Early life

Constantia was born on 3 May 1803 at Hieria Palace in Alexandria, Latium to Latin Emperor Andreas III and his wife Eudocia Tullia. Constania is the youngest of two children, with one older brother, Michael. At the time of her birth, Constantia's father was third-in-line to the Latin throne, entitling her to the title of "Princess of Ostia" until her father ascended to the throne in 1810. Constantia was baptized at St. Andrew's Cathedral by Archbishop Maurice Anastas of Alexandria on 12 June 1803.

Constantia was raised at court by her mother, Eudocia Tullia and numerous governesses. She was tutored to become fluent in her native Latin and Hellenic, as well as Fabrian, Allamunnic, and Audonian. She was also tutored in the arts, and astronomy and was noted for her great interest in reading from an early age.


Later Life


Name Birth Death Notes
By John III of Ghant
Nathan II of Ghant November 27, 1822 1903 Emperor of Ghant from 1863–1903; had issue
Prince Leo of Ghant December 30, 1824 October 3, 1890  
Princess Maria of Ghant 1830 Married PLACEHOLDER
Jana, Queen of Sydaon 1835 Married Jordan VIII of Sydalon; had issue
Princess Ella of Ghant October 15, 1840 November 15, 1940 Married PLACEHOLDER


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