Maria III of Latium

Maria III & II
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Latin Empress
Reign11 November 1765 – 17 July 1803
Coronation25 December 1765
PredecessorConstantine XVIII & I
SuccessorJohn XI
Queen of Sydalon
Reign11 November 1765 – 17 July 1803
Anointing3 February 1766
PredecessorConstantine XVIII & I
SuccessorElissa III
Co-Prince of Ascalzar
Reign11 November 1765 – 17 July 1803
PredecessorConstantine XVIII & I
SuccessorElissa III
Born(1726-05-08)8 May 1726
Palatium Purpura, Ascanium, Latium
Died17 July 1803(1803-07-17) (aged 77)
Palace of Augustus, Palatine, Castellum ab Alba
Sanctus Andreas Cathedral, Ascanium
Full name
Fausta Tullia Isabella Maria Sophia Caesaris
FatherConstantine Tullius
MotherMaria II & I
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Maria III (Fausta Tullia Isabella Maria Sophia Caesaris; 8 May 1726 –17 July 1803) was the 109th Latin Monarch, Queen of Sydalon, and Co-Prince of Ascalzar, reigning from 1765 until 1803.

Maria was born during the reign of grandfather Latin Emperor John X, and was the second child of the future Latin Empress Maria II and her consort, Constantine Tullius. She was primarily raised under the care of her mother, who was noted to be very protective of her children and often overbearing according to courtiers. In 1744, she was betrothed to Prince Michael of Ghant, whom she married in 1745. She and her husband resided in Latium throughout their marriage, and primarily resided in Sydalon when she became heir presumptive. She took the throne following the short reign of her elder brother, Constantine XVIII, who lacked any legitimate children, becoming the second Empress regnant in less than ten years.

As Empress, Maria battled low popularity early in her reign due to her time spent abroad throughout her marriage, and her husband's Ghantish and Latin ancestry. This changed due to her reputation for shrewd dealings with the Senate, charitable relationship with the common folk and the Church. Her son, and successor, John XI, initiated the House of Gentilius line of his father.