Cosmic Travel Administration

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Cosmic Travel Administration
Správa Kozmického Cestovania
Kozmická Logo.png
Current Kozmická logo, nicknamed the "Sights"
MottoBring the universe within reach
FormationSeptember 1, 1976 (1976-09-01)
HeadquartersDimitri Stepanovich Sabitov Space Center, New Dunasova
Official language
Durnian, English
Honza Jastrow
Dimitri Stepanovich Sabitov Space Center
P£14 billion (2020)

The Cosmic Travel Administration (Kozmická) is the national space agency of Durnstaal and is responsible for civilian space travel and observation. Since 2006 the organization has focused their efforts on NIO (Near Iearth Observation) and creation of a stable long-term orbital observatory through Projekt Dominic and Projekt Eligius

Duties and Responsibilities

The Kozmická's main goals are to advance our knowledge of space, Iearth, and other planets, monitor threats to the planet such as asteroids or solar flares, and develop technologies which aid their goals and Durnstaal.

The Kozmická's top priorities are:

  • Expand our knowledge of Iearth,
  • Advance and expand our knowledge of the Estrella System,
  • Advance and expand our knowledge of other star systems,
  • Educate Durnian citizens about space,
  • Work with the international community to further knowledge,
  • Monitor extraterrestrial objects, and
  • Upgrade technology to enable, and further, the successful performances of its missions as stated above.



The Durnstaal Royal Space Corp was created as an off-shoot of the Durnstaal Royal Air Force on September 1st, 1976 as a way to defend against the future possibility of militarized space flight. Earlier space initiatives such as the Drambenburgian Sattelit-1 and the Zamastanian Blue Moon program showed the feasibility of both manned and unmanned spaceflight which raised concerns of space becoming an avenue for military conflict. The peaceful nature of space operations in the following decades led to the demilitarization and eventual separation of the RDSC from the DRAF in 1996 to form the Cosmic Travel Administration (Správa Kozmického Cestovania).

Past and Present Projects

  • Projekt Rovník (1996-2001): The creation and launch of a manned mission into low orbit over Iearth. Cancelled in 2001 after the Rovník Disaster.
  • Projekt Dominic (2002-2014): The creation and launch of a long-range unmanned observatory in low iearth orbit for the purpose of gathering scientific data on other celestial bodies.
  • Projekt Eligius (2007-2012): The creation of a reusable spacecraft for use in repairing the Dominic Space Telescope and travel between Iearth and the CSS.
  • Projekt Saracae (2014-2019): The creation and launch of an orbital probe into the orbit of Eirus for use in surveying and studying the planet's surface.
  • Project Lampáš (2017-2019): The creation of a rover to be attached to the Saracae Exploratory Probe and dropped onto the surface of Eirus. Cancelled in 2019 with the conclusion of Projekt Saracae.

Future Projects

  • Projekt Borovica: The creation of a space elevator capable of moving humans and cargo between the surface and low iearth orbit. The first plans were created in 2002 but lack of required technologies quickly shelved them by the end of the year. Development has continued sporadically and has opened up the possibility of building a similar structure on Eirus following the planned launches of the Courage program.