E-Defforter Benteji

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E-Sports Benteji
Esports Benteji logo.svg
Full nameElectronic Sports Benteji
NicknamesThe Fire
Short nameEsports Benteji
FoundedMarch 17, 2018 (2018-03-17)
(Amateur team)
December 18, 2021 (2021-12-18)
(Professional team)
DivisionSuhalan Division
Based inBenteji
ColoursRed and Black    
Head coachIudçegnu Adelki de Paruizu et Sojagne
Main sponsorCompadçone Gafrieje

E-Sports Benteji (Suhalan: E-Deffort Benteji [ɛd̪ɛvɔɹt̪ bẽn̪t̪ɪji]), officially Electronic Sports of Benteji (Suhalan: Defforter Ejejdronixu de Benteji [d̪ɛvɔɹt̪ɛɹ ɪjɪjd̪ɹõŋixu d̪ɛ bẽn̪t̪ɪji]) is a professional esports team based in Benteji, Suhala. It began as an amateur club in 2018 before being bought and becoming a member of the Suhalan Division of the Rahelian Avatar League. It has been one of the top teams in the division, mainly competing with Glazaśorer de Vitello E-Defforter and Malixeśor de Nepitagare. It has won 1 Rahelian Championship and the 2023 Avatar World Championship


Foundation and Early Years (2018-2020)

Benteji was founded as an amateur esports team in 2018 by a group of Benteji's top Avatar players, most notable the streamer and e-celebrity KafereVikinti2 (transl. Catch-22). The club quickly entered into local competitions, gaining a reputation for a strong defensive style of play, and were invited to the Trans-Suhalan Avatar Cup, the most prestigious amateur Avatar tournament in the country. They entered relatively unknown, but a strong showing led them to victory in the final over the Nepitagara X, and they began to establish themselves as a name in Suhalan Avatar. They won the 2019 edition of the Cup, gaining major popularity in the southern Suhalan e-sports scene. The team grew its fanbase, and a third straight win in the 2020 edition of the Cup cemented them as a strong and popular force.

The team would have a majority stake bought out by Benteji-born businessman Ajessandru Akame in early 2020, and with its large fanbase and sporting dominance, began talks over acession to the Rahelian Avatar League.

2021 Season

Benteji would join the Suhalan Division of the Rahelian Avatar League in 2021, and multiple new additions arrived to the team, namely 18-year old star top roamer Ajessandru Luçu and mid laner Françeska Orora, both of whom integrated well into the team. In their first season the team gave a strong showing, finishing 3rd in the division and making it to the semifinals of that years playoffs. It was the strongest showing to date of any newly added team, and hopes were high for the 2022 season.

2022 Season

Before the 2022 season, a major shift happened in the team with KafereVikinti2's retirement from esports and move to a coaching role at the club. This led the team to buy then 23 year old Dante Magnu from Glazaśorer d'Vitello E-Defforter, marking the biggest transfer to date in the clubs history. At this point, only 2 of the players on the team were retained from the amateur days, Saje Ajexe and Citadel. Citadel was made captain, and the team prepared for the 2022 season. They performed slightly worse in 2022, finishing 3rd again but only making it to the quarterfinals, with an embarassing loss to [RAHELIAN TEAM] that left fans angry. Many traced the stagnation to Vikinti2's departure, but others simply said that it was an off year for the team.

2023 Season

No new players were added to the team before the 2023 season, and many fans complained, worrying that the team would not be able to compete with other clubs. In the division that year, Benteji managed to get 1st place, with stunning wins over Glazaśorer d'Vitello and Malixeśor de Nepitagara, and won the Rahelian Avatar league. That year became the first year in half a decade that a Rahelian representative was chosen to go to the 2023 AWC, and Benteji became the first Suhalan team to attend the Avatar World Championships.

Before the AWC, most commentators and fans predicted them to finish in one of the lower spots or dead last. These predictions seemed to be mostly proven true by the end of the 2nd tranche, with Benteji having gone 4-2 despite impressive showings from the team. A comeback in the 3rd tranche with 3 wins, including over the hosts Octagamers and reigning champions S5 Gaming, and wins over the Sainte-Chloé Monarchs as well as another victory over S5 in the tiebreakers secured their spots in the best of 7 rounds. They lost their initial series to Grupp FALKN 3-4 despite a comeback late in the series, however they managed to sweep S5 4-0 in a stunning upset. Their semi-final matchup against Green Ant Esports of Dezevau proved to be a harder affair, however they were ultimately victorious 4-1, launching Benteji into the final. In the run-up to their final against Grupp FALKN, most experts believed that they would ultimately lose, citing FALKN's experience, pedigree, and more competetive region. Ultimately, Benteji swept FALKN 4-0 and would win the 2023 AWC in what has been described as 'one of the most curious runs in Avatar history' due to the fact that Benteji played every possible match with no byes and completed the Xth most number of sweeps in a single World Championship.



First Team

Role Name Handle Nationality Year Joined Age
Top Laner Asaru Ardeşe Saje Ajexe Suhala Suhala 2020 23
Top Roamer Ajessandru Luçu SnakeSsandru Suhala Suhala 2021 20
Mid Laner Françeska Orora p1xx0r Suhala Suhala 2021 24
Bot Roamer Dante Magnu K1UTATC0M3T3Ś0R Suhala Suhala 2022 24
Bot Laner Aframu Fejixe Citadel Suhala Suhala 2019 28