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Northwest Coius
Population‭291,949,477‬ (2018)
ReligionsAtudism, Druze, Irfan, Solarian Catholicism, Amendism, Orthodox Sotiranity, Yazidism
DemonymNorthwest Coian
LanguagesAtudite, Badawiyan, Estmerish, Gaibani, Gaullican, Kexri, Pasdani, Sahulan, Syriazi

Rahelia, also known as Northwest Coius, is a sub-region of the continent of Coius, located in its northwest. It has x countries in it, with a population of x, and a wide variety of languages and religions, both indigenous and non-indigenous; these include Atudite, Badawiyan, Estmerish, Gaibani, Gaullican, Kexri, Pasdani, Sahulan and Syriazi, while the region is dominated by the religions of Atudism, Druze, Irfan, Solarian Catholicism, Amendism, Orthodox Sotiranity, Yazidism. The region is noted to possess the Holy Land for the Abrahamic faiths, around the city of Adunis in Tsabara, as well as the holy cities of Irfan. The region consists of developing or newly industrialised countries. It shares a colonial past similar to other sub-regions of Coius, with the colonial powers of Gaullica and Etruria dominating the region for a period of time.

Northwest Coius is separated from Southern Euclea by the Aurean Straits and is bordered by the Solarian Sea to the west, the Gulf of Assionaire to the north, Northeast Coius to the east and Middle Coius to the south. Much of the region's climate is dominated by arid or semi-arid, while the coastlines of Tsabara and northern Zorasan are dominated by Solarian climate. The region is dominated by the !SaharanDesert, the northern extent of the Dasht-e-Aftab Desert, but also the lush and fertile Faras River Valley.

The region covers about XXXXX/km2 and has a population of 291,949,477 people which makes it one of the most populous regions in Coius and Kylaris. The region is marked by the predominate role religion plays within its societies and cultures, being the location of the Holy Land and history of religious strife. The region also possesses numerous cultural sites dating from the neolithic, to the bronze-age, the Solarian Empire, the emergence of Irfan.






State Area
GDP (nominal),
Int$ (2019)
per capita,
Int$ (2019)
HDI (2018 report) Capital
 Emessa[a] 22,487 km2 6,369,584 283.3/km2 $139.831 bn $21,953 0.779 Lyria
 Kadaria 1,397,276 km² 81,945,200 58.65/km² $749.799 bn $25,723 0.806 Ispandikyan
 Tsabara 1,563,484 km² 59,115,236 37.80/km² $249.99 bn $15,765 0.754 Adunis
 Zorasan 2,098,131 km² 173,112,587
(‭74,064,741‬ in Rahelia)
179.60/km² $1,290.60 bn $12,002 0.769 Zahedan


  1. Emessa can be considered part of Rahelia or Southern Euclea; it has historical and sociopolitical connections with both.