Emblem of Hellona

Emblem of the Hellonian Realm
Emblem of Hellona.svg
Realm Emblem of Hellona
ArmigerKristoffer of Hellona
BlazonA black Asatru valknut with three points making the knot look like a full triangle

The Emblem of the Realm (Hellonian: Rijksteken; Ellashian: Rikstecken) is the national emblem of the monarch of Hellona and the Hellonian Realm (currently King Kristoffer). The government of Hellona uses another emblem.

The emblem is an example of the Hellonian tekens, symbols given to represent areas or people, usually made out of runes or Asatru symbols. As both the government and realm emblems are tekens, both are essentially monochrome; the color does not constitute part of the design and they may be drawn in any color, though most often drawn as black or in Hellonian blue.


The symbol is a trefoil knot, known as a valknut (Hellonian: valknoop). Around the edges, there are three more points, making the valknut look like a full traingle. Furthermore, there are three triangles on the slopes of the valknut pointing outwards. It's a symbol that symbolizes the Asieren (gods of Asire) and is mostly associated with Wodan. As the king of Hellona has the religious authority over Asatru, it is also used as a symbol for Asatru, and is as such commonly used by Asatru shrines and temples, or otherwise incorporated into the shrine and temple emblems.

Historical emblems

It is said that the original emblem of Björn Wodanerson was a raven, but others would reckon it was probably the Andusian knot. Most records from that time are very vague about the meaning and owners of the symbols. As such there could be symbols that could relate to Andus, the Hero-king himself or the later-Hellonian hegemony. Most symbols are similar, and the most detected ones are a raven, an eagle, the Andalusian knot or a valknut.

A few hundred years after the establishment of the Hellonian kingdom, the valknut symbol became more popular as Asatru was settled as the Hellonian folk religion.

The three extra spikes were added during the age of exploration, with them symbolizing the three ways the Hellonian kingdom expanded. These three spikes would later be given the meaning of being a representation of a specific nation in the Hellonian Realm. The upper one represents the Servos Islands (later also Moundra and Tyrean), the upper-right one Lilotuka Island, the lower-right the Ebure Isles, the lower one Tirpitz and Batavia, the lower-left Norsund and the upper-left the Menako Islands.

Government Emblem

Emblem of the Government of
Emblem of (the government of) Mainland Hellona
ArmigerFlag of Hellona.png Hellona
BlazonTwo black ravens forming a circle, with their claws intertwined to form a Hellonian pattern

The government emblem, which is used by mainland Hellona if it has to do with their government in any way. The symbol, compromising of two black ravens holding each other, forming a circle. The two ravens are meant to be the two ravens of the god Wodan, Huginn and Munnin, representing Wodan, wisdom, memory and truth. The two claws together form a loose diamond shape, meant to be a Hellonian pattern as seen on the flag.

Ministeries use a modified version of the government emblem. The top raven is kept, but the lower raven is replaced by a symbol which represents the ministry's tasks.

These ministry-specific emblems and that of the national government are used as wordmarks and as seals on documents and sites relating to them.