Erik Armber Nuclear Power Plant

Winden Nuclear Power Plant, as seen from the east and the city Winden
The nearby city of Winden, with the power plant on the right portion of the horizon

The Erik Armber Nuclear Power Plant, also termed the Winden Nuclear Power Plant or KKW A/B/C, is one of three remaining active nuclear power generation sites in Mascylla and contains 3 nuclear reactors. The site is located on the bank of the Brese river, near the town of Winden in the Mascyllary province of Ahndern. The station is operated and fully owned by vertically-integrated Mascyllary energy cooperation and provider LOE; it employs 1301 workers and covers an area of 75 hectares (190 acres). The energy production of the plant represents 5% of Mascylla's total electricity capacity, despite ongoing decommissioning of nuclear power plants throughout the country and planned dismantling of the station by late 2023.

The power plant is named after nuclear physicist and Winden mayor Erik Rudolf Armber, who spearheaded the political initiative to build nuclear facilities for peaceful usage in Mascylla and abroad. Before he died in 1988, the station was named Winden Nuclear Electricity Station, afterwards it adopted its current name.

As one of the oldest nuclear power plants in Mascylla, the site suffered multiple instances of emergencies and incidents. Between 1979 and 1993, leaks in the coolat pumps, fluctuating power shortages in the computer system, and the Dahle incident led to multiple instances of level 2 and 3 severity on the International Nuclear Event Scale. There are also rumours and singular reports of insufficient repairing and lack of security evaluations, though have been numerously denied by the power plant's staff.