Esmeralda Falcão

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The Most Honorable

Esmeralda Leonor Falcão
Esmeralda Falcão in 2017
Leader of the Opposition
Assumed office
11 August 2011
PremierIsilda Cerqueira
Preceded byVasco Gonçalves
Leader of the Social Democrats of Paretia
Assumed office
11 August 2011
Preceded byFelipe Pascoal
Congresswoman of Vale de Precea
Assumed office
6 August 2005
Preceded byBeatriz Temido
Personal details
Esmeralda Leonor Falcão

15 September 1973 (Aged 48)
Precea, Luzela
Political partySocial Democrats
Spouse(s)Eugênio Duarte (m. 1995)
Alma materNorth Precea College, Mercurius et Vulcanus University

Esmeralda Leonor Falcão (Born 15 September 1973) is a Paretian politician, journalist, activist, and union leader serving as the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Social Democrats of Paretia since assuming the position in 2011.

Early Life and Career

Esmeralda Falcão was born on the 15th of September 1973 in the Precea to a middle class family. Her father, Estevo, was an inspector at a automotive factory. Her mother, Moira, worked as a tour bus driver for the city. She attended public school at Santa Ana el Dourada School District. When she was at the age of 16, her mother was killed in an accident while giving a tour through Precea, it was reported that a faultly break system caused the crash, Falcão said this event greatly influenced her aspirations in the future. She would later go to higher education at North Precea College to study political science and economics. While at college in the 90's became a member of the student wing of the Social Democrats, which was extremely popular at the time, and would do work for the party in elections. She would be later go to Paretia's most prestigious college, Mercurius et Vulcanus University in Precea to study law, engineering, and history, she continued her work as a SD student wing member at U MEV.

In 1999 she became a member of the Paretian Worker's Union Organization, where she gave legal service to unions, especially the automotive industry, where she fought for regulations and higher pay. She became a well known figure by Precean unions and the Social Democrats. In 2003 she would attempt to run for city council but failed to win the SD candidacy. In 2005 would run for a seat in the Câmara Do Congresso for the district of Vale de Precea. She would run as a Social Democrat. The district's constituents were mostly working class, and many were union workers. Her previous work would lead to an easy victory for Falcão, and she would begin her congressional career in 2005.

Early Political Career

Early Congressional Career

First Term

Pascoal Government

Opposition and Party Leadership