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Special Forces Group - Covert Operations Detachment
특수 부대 그룹 - 은밀한 작전 분리
(Teugsu Budae Geulub - Eunmilhan Jagjeon Bunli)
Country Joyonghea
BranchFlag of the Republic of Korea Army.svg Joyonghean Sovereign Army
TypeSpecial Operations Force
Special Mission Unit
RoleBlack Operations
Special Operations
Part ofTeugbudae
EngagementsPost-War of Lorican Aggression Crisis

Imperial Crisis

Eurasianna War
Army CommanderGen. Chang Gwan-mook
Director of the SIBMaeng Hyun-seok
SIB Intelligence AdvisorMan Sang-kyu
Army Strategic and Tactical AdvisorPu Gun
SIB Assistant Intelligence AdvisorTongbang Ji-yong
SIB Intelligence Analysis OverseerMuk Jung-hwan

The Special Forces Group - Covert Operations Detachment (특수 부대 그룹 - 은밀한 작전 분리), also known as the Eunjagbun (은작분), is a detachment from the Teugbudae that carries out black operations and more daring special operations missions. Their scope of operations include the Nanja Republic, Lorica, the Ruzhite Empire and the Autocratic East European Imperial Alliance. They are regarded as the most elite unit of the Teugbedae.

The unit was created during the Post-War of Lorican Aggression Crisis in order to subvert Lorican and Ruzhite scientific and military initiatives.

During the Eurasianna War, Units 2 and 3 were tasked with obtaining a portion of the Twelve Royal Artifacts and Seven Blessed Weapons for the Joyonghean government under Pam Nam-seon to be used against the Chalcedony Empire and destroy the Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance once and for all; they were organized under Task Force Nicator. Their attempts were thwarted by Task Force 141, Task Force 853 and Thieu's Delinquents.

Eunjagbun units and structure

The Eunjagbun retains the following configuration:

Insignia Unit Codename Deployment Known members Notes
TBD Eunjagbun Unit 1 Night Heron
(밤 헤론 ; Bam Helon)
Lorica and Rus TBD TBD
TBD Eunjagbun Unit 2 Centaur
(켄타우루스; Kentauluseu)
Worldwide Ma Seung-eun, Chon Kyung-jae, Rim Kyu-ri, Pae Dong-jun, Nae Soo-yeon Assigned to Task Force Nicator to retrieve the Seleucid artifacts and weapons.
TBD Eunjagbun Unit 3 Dry Tears
(루갈; Rugal)
Worldwide Choi Geun-chul, Hwang Deuk-goo, Han Tae-woong, Song Mina, Lee Gwang-chul, Kang Gi-beom, Choi Ye-won Assigned to Task Force Nicator to retrieve the Seleucid artifacts and weapons.