Chang Gwan-mook

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Chang Gwan-mook
Born (1961-06-17) 17 June 1961 (age 61)
Gwaseong, Mansong Province, Joyonghea
Allegiance Joyonghea
Branch Joyonghean Sovereign Army
Rank19.SKA-GEN.svg Daejang (English: General)
Commands heldEunjagbun

General Chang Gwan-mook (Hangul: 창관묵; 17 June 1961) is a general officer in the Joyonghean Sovereign Army. He is a member of the Chief of Staff of the Eunjagbun, the elite special operations unit tied with the Sovereign Intelligence Bureau, and serves as their command officer that answers to the Bureau's director Maeng Hyun-seok.

Before and during the Chalcedonic War, Gwan-mook was one of the leading neoconservative military officers that pushed for preemptive war against the eponymous empire. Consequently, his Eunjagbun Units 2 and 3 would come into conflicts with units of his old comrades, including Chegal In-ho, Namgung Ki-woong, Phùng Minh Thiệu and Kiriya Kitagawa.

After the Neocon War, Gwan-mook was arrested and dishonorably discharged from attempting to flee Joyonghea.

Early life

Military career

Post-military life