Deren Gesainyhst von Fallooplesburg
The Commonwealth of Fallooplesburg
Flag of Fallooplesburg
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Once bound by chains, now we are free."
Anthem: Faloplin National Anthem
Largest cityDufarstiato
Official languagesFaloplin
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFaloplin Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Erika von Mairel
• Head of Diplomatic Affairs
Luca von Steiger
LegislatureParliment of Fallooplesburg
April 28th 1091
• Total
544,288 km2 (210,151 sq mi)
• 2021 census
• Density
123.08/km2 (318.8/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
$1.84 Trillion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
1.84 Trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2021)14.9
HDI (2020)Increase 0.781
CurrencyVerres (FPV)
Time zoneUTC-4 (ET)
• Summer (DST)
Not Observed
Driving sideright
Calling code+48
Internet TLD.flb

The Commonwealth of Fallooplesburg is a massive, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Queen Erika von Mairel with an iron fist, and notable for its frequent executions, restrictive gun laws, and stringent health and safety legislation. The compassionate, hard-working, cynical population of 67 million Faloplins are ruled by a mostly-benevolent monarch, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The medium-sized government juggles the competing demands of Healthcare, Education, and Law & Order. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Dufarstiato. The average income tax rate is 28.0%, but much higher for the wealthy.

The fairly struggling Faloplin economy, worth 1.49 trillion Verres a year, is fairly diversified and led by the Book Publishing industry, with major contributions from Tourism, Beef-Based Agriculture, and Mining. State-owned companies are reasonably common. Average income is 32,346 Verres, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

History (Current WIP)

Vrelian History

2 BC-120 AD: Formation

In around 2 BC the city of Vrelin's leader, Rolf Tatlkervor, declared himself the King of Vrelia. Not many people took it very seriously, as not much changed about the way of life in Vrelin. People commonly migrated across the Faloplin Peninsula to get away from the rules of Vrelin. But things in Vrelin did eventually change, King Rolf raised a military and large walls around the city. The walls are now known as the Inner City of Vrelin as the city kept expanding and adding new walls. As Vrelin expanded, in 84 AD Rolf Tatlkervor II offered farmers free housing in the Outer City if they gave 20% of their harvest to the government. Hundreds accepted the deal and it even caused some of the Vrelians across the Faloplin Peninsula to come back to Vrelin. The Vrelian Kingdom had become a major power in southwest Thrismari, and only continued to prosper into the second century.

121-544: Vrelian Republic


545-752: Faloplin Conquest


753-842: The Fall


Faloplin History

843-1091: The Dark Age

After the fall of the Vrelian empirem during the mid-800s the richest, most powerful families in what would become Fallooplesburg herded their local citizens together and created several small monarchies known as Zæntoms (the Faloplin word for city-state) to try and take advantage of the political instability. The Families were the Mairels, Ailmirs, Steigers, Jevines, Ledods, Aegirs, Orins, and Annecis. They each had their own small state and would trade and fight occasionally. In the early 900s the Jevines declared war on the Orins and after a couple of years of warfare annexed them, the Orins were banished and they fled to Ailmir territory. In the late 900s Anneci territory was becoming increasingly unstable, peasants were unhappy with the Anneci family in their territory and attempted a coup. The family was able to flee and seeming disappeared for a few years until they were found reporting the discovery of Deln upon which they founded the city of Dufarstiato, which later became the capital of Fallooplesburg and is still the largest city in Fallooplesburg. The Steigers later invaded the Anneci's land a few months after they left and the citizens failed to make a new leader.

In the early 1000s, The idea of Fallooplesburg being divided into Zæntoms was becoming increasingly unpopular with everyone from the poorest peasants to even most leaders of the Zæntoms saying that Fallooplesburg should be united. And so mass conquering commenced and war raged on in Fallooplesburg for a couple of decades until it was decided to create the house system. Each of the families were delegated a piece of land, except for the Orins and Annecis. The only problem was they didn't know how to decide who gets to lead, after months of arguing they finally agreed upon constitutional monarchy, and so it's been since 1091.

1092-1399: The Golden Age

In 1094 a man named Clemens Stöcker appeared in Dufarstiato, he began preaching a religion known as Usklontin the pagan religion from before the days of the Vrelian Empire. A few people started following him and his word spread around the country. After awhile of Clemens gaining popularity and followers, the government decided to kick him and his followers in Dufarstiato out. He made it all the way out to Athbet, the capital of House Mairel. in 1096 he married Isabel von Mairel and became Clemens von Mairel. In 1097 he won the election and took the crown in 1105. His first act as king was to rename Athbet to Clemency.

With Clemens on the throne this began his Usklontinization of Fallooplesburg. The basic premise of Usklontin is that everyone has a purpose and you keep getting reincarnated until you achieve your purpose where once you do you'll go to the Usklontin equivalent of heaven. This lead to a lot of things becoming legalized and illegalized in Fallooplesburg slavery was outlawed and same-sex marriage was legalized. Author and artists that impressed Clemens got extra publicity leading to some of the most famous and best works of art and literature in Fallooplesburg. Before Clemens died in 1153 he started writing up an idea for a Parliament the idea was written on the basis that one person couldn't lead on their own and having an extra group of people to write new laws and help make decisions. Even over 850 years after Clemens' death his policies remain in place even though Usklontin has fallen into a minor religion in the country as Christianity still holds strong.

The Faloplin monarch after Clemens, Queen Michelle von Ailmir, took this idea and established the Parliament. A body of 650 Cenihenkins, that is an advisory body to the monarch, a legislature, and if necessary an emergency monarch. This goes on for a couple of centuries where monarchs promote individuality and the arts until Jacinto von Steiger decides that isolation is the best way to grow.

1400-1734: The Isolation


1735-1904: The Industrial Age


1794-1799: First Faloplin Civil War


1905-1911: The Great War

(Will be added once details are decided)

1915-1944: The Depression


1939-1944: Second Faloplin Civil War


1945-2005: The Nuclear Age


2006-2020: The Modern Age


2020: Third Faloplin Civil War

The Third Faloplin Civil War was started when the winning candidate of the September 2020 election, Lionel von Jevine. Murdered the incumbent King Noah von Ailmir to claim the throne. Which launched the Jevine Pact consisting of Houses Jevine, Ledod, and Aegir into war with the Coalition of Fallooplesburg consisting of Houses Mairel, Ailmir, and Steiger. After several months of warfare the Third Faloplin Civil War came to a close.

This resulted in the execution of the Jevine family and the exile of the Ledod and Aegir families. And the reinstation of House Orin and House Anneci. As well as Erika von Mairel taking the throne in December of 2020 as the runner-up in the September 2020 election.


Fallooplesburg is defined by it's agricultural economic center, with the largest farming town being Vrelin. The major trade goods include: wine, cheese, milk, and old firearm models. The major trade centers are Dufarstiato, Odessa, and Vrelin because of their large ports. Fallooplesburg uses a mixed economy system, where as there are many private-owned businesses there's a lot of state-controlled like the Bank of Fallooplesburg, which is the only bank in Fallooplesburg. The central currency of Fallooplesburg, Verres, is worth 0.86 ACU wealth in Fallooplesburg is fairly evenly distributed with the poorest 10% making about 22,000 ACU and the richest 10% making about 42,000 ACU. Wealth is generally respected and poverty has been rising in the past few months but is going down due to the economic reforms being put in place, counterfeiting is non-existent almost because of how hard it is to counterfeit Verres.


The government of Fallooplesburg is mostly in the power of the Monarchy, although the Parliament gets to make decisions the monarch can always overrule the Parliaments decision. For example if the Parliament decides a criminal should be put on death row the Monarchy can overrule and make them just a normal criminal although this is uncommon. The Monarchy is above the Nobility, which if you are a Cenihenkin (Member of Parliament) You are considered a noble. The others in the Nobility are the members of various houses which have their own leaders.

The Nobility

The Nobility is made up of elected Cenihenkins and hereditary House Members. There are five different noble houses in Fallooplesburg that each own a bit of land, and can propose candidates for elections. Nobility can get elected into the Monarchy when the incumbent Monarch turns 40 an election will ensue to remove the threat of no Monarch on the throne for the months it'd take to elect and coronate one.

The Legal System

The Faloplin legal system is run by the Parliament as the legislators they'd know how the law should be followed. Most cases don't make it to trial and are delegated to private mediators to avoid wasting the Parliament's time. Only serious criminal cases are brought in front of the Parliament, if a case is deemed too important for the Parliament they go to the Föctsrichts or the Supreme Judges. The Föctsrichts are the best judges in Fallooplesburg and bring justice to the greatest criminals in Fallooplesburg the Parliament deals with thefts and murder but the Föctsrichts deal with war criminals, traitors who've committed treason, serial killers, and terrorists.

Foreign Relations

Fallooplesburg has good relations kept up with  Krenya and Blechingia. With embassies in each of the countries. And a good amount of trade done with both. Fallooplesburg also joined SADA on 29 August 2020 and the TU on 15 February 2021. And keeps up good relations with the other members.


The Fallooplesburgian military is powerful, it's large navy has been a constant throughout it's history as well as it's armored capabilities. The air force lacks behind as Fallooplesburg still uses outdated 1980s planes.




Fallooplesburg uses a variety of equipment for it's different kinds of soldiers the notable weapons being:

O-21 Senn Rifle.png

0-21 Senn Rifle, the most common weapon in the Faloplin military.

M3V2 Trub.png

The M3V2 Trub Rifle is used by snipers in the Faloplin military.


The MG19 is used by heavy gunners in the Faloplin military.


The SGV2 is used by scouts and some officers in the Faloplin military.

All of these weapons were designed and are manufactured in Fallooplesburg. These designs were chosen in early 2021 when the Faloplin military put out requests for new military firearms. They were chosen because of ease of manufacturing and maintaining aswell as accuracy.


Fallooplesburg is a mid-sized country in southwest Thrismari. Known for it's large lake, and vast farms.

Physical & Historical Features

Fallooplesburg is very densely wooded and is mostly flat forest terrain. There are a few Mountains down in the south that have kept out invaders in Fallooplesburg's early history. Fallooplesburg covers an area of 544,288 sq km or 210,151 sq mi, including Fallooplesburg's larger island holdings. The Sjert Sea is the largest body of water in Fallooplesburg, it's connected to the ocean through the Lamtur River.

Natural Resources

The most fertile farmland is in the east of Fallooplesburg, and it makes up about 70% of all farmland in Fallooplesburg. There are several mineral deposits in the northwest consisting of uranium, iron, and copper. It's theorized there's still more uranium deposits around Fallooplesburg undiscovered but if all the uranium deposits were to dry up it could be disastrous for Fallooplesburg.


Fallooplesburg is in a temperature climate zone, perfect for raising lots of farm animals. Being in the southern hemisphere winter is june to august and also the coldest time of year in Fallooplesburg. During the winter it's common for the west to be covered in snow.

Climate data for Dufarstiato (1902–2020 averages)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 35
Average high °C (°F) 22.4
Average low °C (°F) 11
Record low °C (°F) 0
Precipitation mm (inches) 12
Avg. precipitation days (≥ 1.0 mm) 2 4 9 13 16 21 22 21 17 14 9 1 149
Source: Dufarstiato Department of Weather


Faloplin and Vrelian culture makes up the largest and most populated part of Fallooplesburg.


Faloplin entertainment mainly consists of movies. The country releases thousands of movies every year and according to large movie streaming platforms, Faloplins have consumed almost 1,500 hours of film in the last year. Plays are somewhat common in Fallooplesburg and many richer Faloplins like to watch the opera. The book industry in Fallooplesburg is also fairly large but no where close to the spot movies hold in Fallooplesburg.


Vrelian Architecture follows a gothic style with alot of pillars. Examples of this are the Vrelian Senate Building, and the Dufarstatio Parliament House. Faloplin Architecture is very city based, as the most of Fallooplesburg was created to hold lots of people, singular houses and suburbs are rare and considered very upper class. Many Faloplins especially in cities live in large apartment builds and townhouses, that are specifically built to hold lots of people.

Daily Life

Faloplins start their days by waking up at about 4:00 AM. Breakfast is uncommon for Faloplin adults, children are encouraged to eat something to facilitate growth. With Fallooplesburg's large agricultural sector the most common breakfast is eggs. After that at around 5:30 - 6:00 AM is when schools and workplaces open, the most common jobs are in the entertainment industry and argiculture. Adults will work and children will go to school until 12 PM, where they will go and eat lunch which is usually the largest meal generally consisting of roasted or fried chicken paired with corn and potatoes. After about another hour and a half of sleep, most adults will go back to work at around 2:30 PM and get off at around 5:00 or 6:00 PM. After that most Faloplins watch movies, play video games, and read books. Where they then go back to sleep at around 11:00 PM or midnight.


Chicken is one of the most if not the most popular food in Fallooplesburg. Lots of chicken are raised and exported in Fallooplesburg because of how many different ways they can be cooked and how many different things they can be paired with. Faloplins also enjoy eggs and cheese alot. Vegetables and grains are common because of the vast farms of Fallooplesburg.


The Fallooplesburgian School system is specifically designed to enable children to find jobs. Kids will start school at the age of 4 and go up until the age of 12 where they will be able to choose classes for a specific career. When they are 16 and legally old enough to enter the workforce they can choose to or continue schooling to get a more professional career.

Children under 12 will have classes in: math, faloplin, english, science, history, and art. They also are required to complete an independent research project during their term that they will present at the end.

Faloplin schools go year round with breaks in April, July, October, and January. Faloplin schools just like Faloplin workplaces are closed on Sundays and students and employees can choose whether they want a break during Wednesday or Saturday.


In Fallooplesburg the most popular sports are soccer and hockey. The country's hockey team the Faloplin Geese will play in AWCH 2021. And the country's soccer league has maintained popularity since it was founded in 1925.


Faloplin is the offical language of Fallooplesburg. It's a mainly Germanic language with Nordic influence from neighbors, as well as some slavic and polynesian influences from colonies and trade partners. Modern Faloplin has been in use since the late 17th century during Fallooplesburg's isolation, when the way verbs were conjugated majorly shifted from Old Faloplin. German and English are also commonly spoken, English especially on Clement Island and German especially in Vrelia.


Christianity is the largest religion in Fallooplesburg, having about 75% of the population being followers. Christianity is especially common in Vrelia where it got it's start in Fallooplesburg.

24% goes to Usklontin, which is especially common in Mairel territory. Usklontin has alot more popularity than it did due to Clemens von Mairel who used it to bring an era of prosperity to Fallooplesburg when it really needed it.

And the last 1% of Faloplins believe in any other small religions.


Because of it's large Christian base Easter and Christmas are celebrated annually in Fallooplesburg. Fallooplesburg day is celebrated every April 28th