Federation of IDU Greens

Federation of IDU Greens
FormationJune 19, 1989; 32 years ago (1989-06-19)
TypeInternational nongovernmental organization
PurposeRegional network of green political parties
International Democratic Union
Membership (2019)
6 parties
Official language
English, Spanish, French
Chair (rotates)
Alexis Fleury
Main organ
Congress of IDU Greens

The Federation of IDU Greens (FIDUG) is an organization bringing together Green and ecologically-minded parties and activists from across the International Democratic Union. Founded in 1989, FIDUG brings together representatives from across the IDU at annual Congresses, held in different cities worldwide. FIDUG is led by a Chair, rotating among the leaders of member parties; the current Chair is Alexis Fleury, leader of Laeral's Green Party/Laeralian Ecology.


At the inaugural Congress of IDU Greens, delegates agreed on a set of four key principles of Green politics in the IDU:

  1. . Sustainability
  2. . Wise stewardship
  3. . Nonviolence
  4. . Social justice

While Green parties within FIDUG tend to be socially liberal, and all identify as pro-environment, FIDUG does not impose ideological standards or requirements for membership.


Country Name Electoral status
Andhra Republic Andhran Green Party Minor opposition party
Eiria Environmentalists for Eiria Faction of Eclipse Liberal Party
High Fells High Fellsian Greens Extraparliamentary opposition
Lauchenoiria Green Party 20/120 seats in Parliament; largest opposition party
Laeral Green Party/Laeralian Ecology 10/386 seats in lower house; junior coalition partners
Shen Empire Green faction Green-aligned figure holds one seat on the Imperial committee
Sunemia Renew Sunemia Junior coalition partners