Flag of Lemovicia

UseNational flag
Adopted1 October, 1992
DesignThree equal horizontal stripes of blue, red, and yellow, with two thin horizontal white stripes

The flag of Lemovicia (Lemovician: Менділурако прапора, Mendilurrako prapora, Miersan: Flaga Łemowiczi) is the national flag of Lemovicia.


Independence-era flag

The flag adopted in 1979 after the independence of Lemovicia from Narozalica was based off the design of the escutcheon of the Lemovician coat of arms. Thus, it depicted a field of thirty-two fretted diamonds, with each argent lozenge bordered with a dark vert stripe descending sinister, and a sable stripe descending dexter in a fretted pattern.

The green stood for the Lemovicians and for the fertile hills, the black stood for national syndicalism, and for the black soil, and the white represents God, and the purity of the Lemovician people.

Current flag

After the Alikianos Accords, the independence-era flag was deemed to be too sectarian, as during the Lemovician Civil War, the independence-era flag became the ethnic flag of the Lemovician people. Thus, as part of the new constitution, a new flag was designed so to "unify Lemovicia" ion the aftermath of the civil war.

The design, which was promulgated on 1 October, 1992, comprises of three wide horizontal stripes, with blue representing the skies and all other ethnicites, in addition to the Community of Nations, the red representing the blood shed during the civil war and the Miersans, and green representing the fertility of the country, and the Lemovicians. Two thin horizontal white stripes separate the blue from the red, and red from the green, to represent the desire for peace between the two sides.



Design Notes
LemovArmy.png Flag of the Lemovician Armed Forces
LemovPres.png Flag of the Presidency

Former flags

Design Usage
LemovOldFlag.png Flag of Lemovicia from 1979 to 1992
LemovOldArmy.png Flag of the Lemovician Armed Forces from 1979 to 1992
LemovOldStandard.png Flag of the President from 1979 to 1992