Flop Archipelago

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The Flop archipelago is a group of islands off the coast of Chile. The Flop archipelago is a part of the Flop Islands. There are officially 4 countries in the Flop archipelago according to the UFN (United Flop Nations). Floptropica, Sloughttopia, DaBoyzia, and Landiland are the 4 countries in the Flop archipelago, and 6 de facto state wich are Tiktokkia, Sportsia and other 4 unknown countries . The name has roots to the Flop people, the original settlers of the islands and current inhabitants of Floptropica, the biggest and most populous island in the Flop archipelago.

Map of Flop Archipelago

In the centre, there is a small body of water called the Floptropican sea. In the South Floptropican sea is Floptropica and Da Boyz, in the north is Sloughttopia and Landilamd. The Flop archipelago is very diverse with 6 ethnic groups, the Flops, Da Boyz, Potaxies, Cupcakians, Sloughts, and Grundis(Which live in Landiland and are split into Undergroundians and Overgroundians. It is also home to 7 languages, English, Arabic, French, Korean, Spanish, and Somali.

The archipelago is also home to 3 Microtectonic plates, the Flop, Houmoe, and Sought plates which have created structures like the Flop mountain range, Sportsia mountain range, and Mt. Jiafei volcano.

The Flop archipelago is governed by the United Flop Nations. The UFN congress building is located in Floptropica, Floptropica and every month, a congress meeting is held there. The UFN has the power to control and change all UFN countries' government and is able to remove a country from the UFN if they can't meet the requirements.