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Urubamba - Valle Sagrado 3.JPG
The Flotir in eastern Fymona
Country Trellin
RegionFymona, Ja'ekha, Asketon, Retikh
Basin features
 - left
  • Puva
  • Yefon
  • Juja
  • Karsna
  • Tasyetzü
 - right
  • Muniya
  • Hauuqa
  • Siúna

The Flotir (Withaerosi, simply meaning "River") is the second longest river in Trellin and the longest in any of the provinces through which it flows, with the exception of Retikh, at 801.8 kilometres. Rising in northern Fymona, it flows south-southeast before joining with the river Karsna, which rises in northern Kur'mala, and joins it flowing southwest before turning westward. The city of Asketon is built in one of the pronounced meanders of the river's lower course before it enters the Sea of Velar.


The Flotir rises in the Fymonan uplands about 100 kilometres northwest of the city of Oloros. It is joined by a number of other mountain streams in quick succession - the Puva, Yefon and Juja - as it flows south-southeast, and it meanders several times before it is joined by the Karsna flowing southwest. It then forms the border between Ja'ekha and Fymona, curving sharply to flow west and being joined first by the Fymonan river Muniya from the north and then the Tasyetzü from the south.

A pier at Rúhan's Bridge, on the Flotir delta

The river flows roughly due west from this point until it meanders broadly before, around and after the city and province of Asketon, which is roughly enclosed by the middle of this set of three meanders. It is joined here by the Hauuqa, flowing down from Lekhmir through Fymona. It then arcs around and separates out into its wide delta. In its last stretch it is joined by the Siúna, which rises in the Vekra Retiqa, before flowing into the Bay of Pedalin.