Flag of Lekhmir
Lekhmir (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
Lekhmir (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
CapitalTar Pegalim
 • Total5,486,194
Area code(s)041, 042

Lekhmir (pronounced /ˈlɛxmɪər/), officially the Fiefdom of Lekhmir (Trellinese: Tavesan Lekhmirka), is a province of the Trellinese Empire. It is the tenth-least populous province in Trellin and Hysera and the tenth largest by total area.

Lekhmir shares borders with Sycoon and Morroseta in the north, and with the provinces of Arimathea, Retikh and Fymona in the west, southwest and east, respectively in the east. The province has a population of 5,486,194 and covers a total area of approximately 108,600 square kilometres. The capital city, Tar Pegalim, lies at the confluence of the is home to over half the province's population.