Getús incident

The Nekami moored off Ahuan

The Getús incident was a diplomatic incident between Txekrikar and Andamonia which occurred in 1835.

Under the command of Captain Esilet Sikerak, on 3 March the Txekri frigate Nekami anchored off Getús and demanded reparations for the destruction of the trading post on Ahuan, an island separated from Getús by a one kilometre strait. The Txekri trading post had been abandoned since May of the previous year, but Txekrikar considered the island its sovereign territory and viewed Andamonia's actions as a potential casus belli. When the governor of Getús refused to meet Sikerak's demands, the Nekami weighed anchor and proceeded to harass incoming shipping. Over the next three weeks the Txekri frigate fired on eighteen incoming ships, seizing five in the name of the Txekri crown, and turned back a total of twenty-five vessels bound for Getús including six Txekri merchantmen. A delegation from Getús sailed out to negotiate Nekami's withdrawal, but, when Sikerak added provisions and ammunition to replace those he had spent enforcing his blockade to his demands, the Getúsian party withdrew. Nekami renewed her patrol, but on 25 March an Andamonian warship from Tautahei forced it to withdraw. Nekami and the Andamonian vessel eyed each other warily, the latter anchoring in Getús' port while Nekami moored off Ahuan. Eventually, Txekri merchants petitioned the prince to order Nekami to abandon its blockade, as the costs to shipping now far outweighed the value of reparations. Nekami weighed anchor for the last time on 2 April.

Txekrikar never apologised for the incident, and despite pressure from his nobles the Andamonian emperor, Cueytatzl Ren I, did not pursue an apology. The Txekri ambassador in Zadé Axochizin quietly expressed his personal regrets for the fiasco to the emperor in mid-April, as recorded in his journal and in the empress' memoirs. The lack of action on the emperor's part fuelled dissatisfaction which fed into the Andamonian Revolution and the later Baira Debacle. Txekrikar renounced its claims to Ahuan in 1868, selling the island to the Andamonian First Republic for a modest fee at the height of the two countries' reconciliation.