Zadé Axochizin

Zadé Axochizin
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 • Urban
1,835,468 (2nd)
 • Metro
Time zoneAST

Zadé Axochizin, often simply called Zadé, is the capital of Andamonia. It is the administrative centre of the Zacatla province and the seat of all three branches of the Andamonian government. It has been the capital of every incarnation of the Andamonian state since the First Dynasty with the exception of the Andamonian Second Republic. It remains home to the imperial family.

With an urban population of over 1.8 million and a metropolis of 4.9 million, Zadé Axochizin is the second-most populous city in Andamonia and one of Astyria's more populous capital cities. Until the 1960s, it was the most populous city in the country, a distinction now held by Cevrazu. The inner city is characterised by an ad hoc mixture of lavish architecture built at the peaks of Andamonian imperial and republican power and cheaply erected tenements and high-rises. Zadé Axochizin's urban sprawl extends over a broad hinterland of rolling hills. Most major traffic arteries are unable to cope with the heavy traffic pressures of the modern city, leading to severe problems with traffic and air pollution that are only recently beginning to be addressed by the urban government.

Although less prosperous than the coastal cities, Zadé Axochizin is the most important economic centre for inland Andamonia. It is a major hub for road and rail freight, and Zadé Axochizin Capital Airport is the busiest airport in the country by passenger numbers. River traffic is of minor importance to the city, carrying some industrial freight between Zadé Axochizin and Cevrazu. Institutions such as Zacatla Imperial University also contribute to the city being the most important educational centre for the country.