Good Friends (2022 film)

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Good Friends
Release date
25 October 2022 (Montecara)
Running time
102 minutes
Budget€2 million

Good Friends (Borish title: Goode freunder [ˈgoːdə ˈfɾøːndəɾ]) is a 2022 Borish film. The film is set to release on the 83rd Montecara Film Festival on 25 October 2022.


The friends Yacob Hiddeman and Yon Aaman throw a party with their friends, celebrating their recent moving in together. After their guests have left, Yacob bemoans having to help Yon put together furniture and suggests Yon ask Yorsk, one of their friends, to help out instead. Yon accuses Yacob of being selfish, stating that Yorsk would agree to anything they request out of kindness and being a good friend. Yacob suggests the two should pretend they needed Yorskʼs help in disposing of a body, which an initially reluctant Yorsk agrees to. Several days later, Yorsk comes over to ask them for a favour, revealing that he killed an acquaintance who saw the three of them disposing of something. Over the course of the following weeks, the group escalate, killing seven more people in a bid to keep Yorskʼs initial murder and the subsequent murders hidden. They plan to kill a friendʼs girlfriend and frame their friend for it, and succeed in it. Although they get arrested, they are released, as they were able to hide their involvement, as their friend is put in prison.

The film ends with the three sitting together in Yacobʼs and Yonʼs kitchen in shame over what they have done. As they avoid eye contact, the camera turns around as it did in the first scene during the house party, showing the flat in daylight, but with a cold atmosphere and with evidence of their recent actions.