Hickling Act

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Hickling Act
SignedJuly 7, 1919 (1919-07-07)
LocationGatovita, Vitosium
EffectiveJuly 16, 1919 (1919-07-16)
ConditionExchange of ratifications
LanguageEnglish, Jyaueze

The Hickling Act of 1919, formally the Treaty of General Relations and Protocol for Jyau and Nancaya, is a treaty of general relations signed on July 7, 1919 in Gatovita, the capital of Vitosium. It relinquished Vitosium sovereignty over the provinces of Jyau and Nancaya and recognized the independence of the two republics. The treaty was signed by Prime Minister Rudolph Raymond of Vitosium, Peter Semmens, Winston Brisley, Roderick Hickling, and Dudley Witcher of Jyau, and -names- of Nancaya. The treaty was accompanied by a "provisional agreement concerning friendly relations and diplomatic and consular representation" until the treaty was ratified.