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Defender of Sotirianity, Virgin
Bornc. 905
Arciluco, Empire of Arciluco
Died957 (aged 51 or 52)
Venerated inSolarian Catholic Church
Episemialist Church
Feast28 September (Solarian Catholic Church), 7 October (Episemialist Church)
AttributesGolden crown, holding a grapevine cross, white head covering, pearl headdress
PatronageArchers, fishermen, merchants, pilgrims, pilots, sailors, travelers, Chistovodia, Soravia, Vinalia

Saint Hippodalia, also known as Hippodalia of Arciluco or Hippodalia of Marolevia (c. 905, Arciluco – 957, Luchintsy) was an Arcilucan-born Piraean missionary who led the first conversion expeditions north of Lake Min into modern-day Soravia, converting many of the Marolevic pagans to Sotirianity directly after the period of the Great Vesemir. She is venerated in both the Solarian Catholic Church and Episemialist Church, and her feast day is September 28 and October 7 in each church respectively. She is also the patron saint of travelers, pilgrims and pilots, as well as fisherman, merchants and sailors, due to her extensive land travels and sea-based settlements.

Born around the year 905 in Arciluco, Hippodalia likely had a religious upbringing, educated in monasteries and practising piety among local priests and bishops. She was a notable companion of the Bishop of Arciluco and in the 920s began her travels to western Euclea to continue the conversion of the Marolevic peoples. Hippodalia led her crew of some one hundred settlers and priests to the river Tsyr, following it to the coast and discovering the newly-settled city of Luchintsy in around 926. Luchintsy served as Hippodalia's base to convert the Marolevic pagans, which she did in notable numbers, establishing churches and monasteries around the northern coast. She baptised and converted local rulers, which accelerated the Sotirianisation of the loosely-governed pagan settlements in the north of country. The establishment of centralised religion in eastern Pavatria led to the its ruler, Nuruk, being baptised by Hippodalia in Samistopol in 939. She remarked to bishops in Arciluco at the enthusiasm of the Marolevs to convert and practise Sotirianity in a series of messages back to the Amathian capital in the 940s. She died in Luchintsy in 957.

Early life and upbringing

Expedition to northern Euclea

Sotirianisation of Pavatria

Converting the east

Baptism of Nuruk

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