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Samistopol is located in Atresca
Founded8th century
City status1610
 • MayorMyron Koslov (PF)
 • Total11,928 km2 (4,605 sq mi)
0–39 m (0–128 ft)
 • Rank1st in 2023
 • 2023 census
19,533,871 (+9.1%)[1]
 • 2008 census
Time zoneUTC-3 (Western Euclean Time)
Postal code(s)
Dialling code[3]+72 101

Samistopol (Soravian: Самістополь; Samistopol) is the capital and largest city of the Soravian Republic. With a total metropolitan population of over 19 million people, is it the largest city in Soravia and the largest in Euclea by population and largest in Soravia by metropolitan area, at 11,928 square kilometres.

The city was first settled around the 8th century, but grew rapidly during the colonisation of Asteria Superior, where it served as Soravia's main port. By the 18th century, Samistopol was Soravia's most-populated city, but administration remained in the traditional royal capital of Patovatra. After the Soravian Revolution, Samistopol was declared as the country's new capital, and has grown rapidly since then. Samistopol's city boundaries were first consolidated in the 1930s, and it was granted national city status in the 1983 reforms of Soravia's administrative divisions.

Samistopol houses the Duma and Voynaskul, the upper and lower houses of the Soravian legislature. The President of Soravia is also based on Marinin Prospekt within the city. Samistopol is subdivided into many raions, which form the basis for local government and elections. The city is governed by the Samistopol City Council, which itself is headed by the Mayor, considered to be one of the country's prestigious offices.

Samistopol lies on the peninsula of the same name, and is bisected by the River Kryuk. The city is very flat, with its highest point at the top of the Samistopol Dytynets, which overlooks the city. Samistopol is a megacity and one of the world's cultural and financial centres. Its urban GDP of €507 billion is one of the largest in Euclea. New developments such as the Seiresk Finance Centre and Technology City Karavayevo often serve as headquarters for large Soravian companies or multinational conglomerates. Samistopol contains the most skyscrapers of any city in Euclea. The Samistopol Metro, opened in 1927, is the largest fully-underground rapid transit system in the world, and is the most-used transit system in Euclea. The Lawrence Lugin State University is one of the top universities in the country and in Euclea, specialising primarily in applied sciences.


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