Imperial Guardian Corps

Imperial Guardian Corps
Founded19 March 1999; 21 years ago (1999-03-19)
Country Old Beringia
TypeMarine combined arms
RoleAmphibious, littoral, and expeditionary warfare
Size6,000,000 active (As of 2017)
1,700,000 reserve (As of 2017)
Part ofOld Beringian Department of War
HeadquartersChâteau de Arcouet
Emerald City, Old Beringia
Nickname(s)"The Guard", "Guardians", "Wolves"
Motto(s)Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
I will find a way, or make one
ColorsBeringian Emerald, Imperial Red, and Silver
March"Amor fati"
Mascot(s)Beringian Wolf
Anniversaries15 March
Supreme CommanderGod-Empress Alicia Esmeraude II
Empress Pro-TemCrown-Princess Renata DeRoche-Wright
Director of WarD
High Guardsman of the Guardian CorpsGuardsman Braddock

The Imperial Guardian Corps of Beringia (IGC), also referred to as the Guardian Corps, is a branch of the Imperial Beringian Military responsible for conducting force projection by land and sea by way of amphibious operations with the Imperial Navy. It is a rapid mobilization force that can deploy to complement the Military Police in the event of any domestic conflict in excess of low intensity warfare. It operates a domestic aviation division and a fleet of patrol craft ranging in size from small fast attack craft to corvettes. The Guardian Corps was created to quickly respond to the increasing number of post-Civil War colonial conflicts facing Beringia, as it struggled to maintain a hold on overseas territories seeking to take advantage of a weakened Beringia, as well as persisting minor internal conflicts. It was conceived of as a highly mobile force, compared to the Imperial Army which maintained its traditional position as the major ground-based offensive and defensive force of Old Beringia. After years of fighting conflicts abroad its mission evolved to included expeditionary warfare.

An auxiliary force of 2,000,000 non-active and non-reservist guardsmen with military training can be called to service by the Empress and armed in under twenty-four hours. This auxiliary force is capable of assembling and operating independent of orders or an active command structure in the event of a decapitation strike or wartime conditions leading to an interruption in the command chain. Auxiliary units will be used to secure and defend the local unarmed populace as well as securing food, medical care and infrastructure for civilians. In the event Beringian territory is occupied by a foreign force the auxiliary units are trained in asymmetric warfare and suited for guerrilla warfare, sabotage, ambushes. Auxiliary guardsmen are assigned to units near their homes and are able to provide knowledge on the local area to active guardsmen and collaborate with groups that would form during an invasion.




The Guardian Corps is divided into regular, home guard, and auxiliary forces.

Regular Forces

Riverine Command


Chemical Warfare Corps


Auxiliary Guardsmen

Auxiliary forces are required to maintain their military skills and fitness by training. Many organizations not administered by the military or government have been created to gather auxiliary guardsmen so that they can maintain their skills outside of mandatory training.

Eastern Viceroyalty Guardian Corps

Western Viceroyalty Guardian Corps

Special Forces