In the end (2022 film)

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Ing Pungkasan
Ing Pungkasan film poster.png
Theatrical release poster
Directed byIndah Citra Tedja
Written byIndah Citra Tedja
Screenplay byDyatmiyati
Based on
The Aurora
  • Indah Citra Tedja
Produced byUtari Darmadi
StarringSudirman Johan
Cahya Susanto
CinematographyIndah Citra Tedja
Edited bySukarno Halim
Music bySusilo Setiabudi
KMP Studios
Distributed byUFHK Media
Release dates
20 October, 2022 (Montecara)
1 December, 2022 (Worldwide)
Running time
126 minutes
CountrySouth Kabu
Budget€3 milliion

Ing Pungkasan is an upcoming 2022 South Kabuese found footage drama film directed and written by Indah Citra Tedja and is a modern adaptation of a 1992 book written by herself. It stars Sudirman Johan as well as Cahya Susanto. The film is the largest South Kabuese film to be written, directed and produced by women. It will premiere on 20 October 2022 at the 83rd Montecara Film Festival.

Plot synopsis

Across the world, preparations are being made for an inevitable apocalypse after a predicted gamma-ray burst by the sun is forecast. Melati Pranata — an amateur filmmaker — sets out to document the final days of life on the world before placing the film on a satellite designed to preserve information about humanity. Melati begins the film by documenting her daily routine and interviews pedestrians as well as market-sellers, some of whom are sceptical about the predicted extinction. Whilst interviewing people at the local market, she meets a childhood friend Ridwa — who had emigrated years earlier for employment — who is planning on travelling around the country on his motorcycle before the apocalypse and offers to bring Melati with him to document the events which she agrees to. Ridwa and Melati travel to Ridwa's childhood home where he reunites with his family after numerous years. During the reunion Melati records the unusual flight patterns of birds that had begun across the world. Melati and Ridwa spend the night at the home where the pair reminisce about their childhood growing up. The next day Ridwa promises his family to return after travelling the country and leaves with Melati.

The pair leave the city on Melati's motorcycle and stop in the countryside to interview the locals, including a family preparing a bunker in their basement in a futile attempt at survival. They also interview locals trying to ignore the impending apocalypse and shield local children from the news. The pair stay at an elderly couple's house for the night and document their preparations for dinner as well as plans for the future. Whilst staying with the couple they learn of an attempt to save certain scientists, academics and others in a submarine to rebuild humanity after the apocalypse. The next day the pair also learn that inter-Kabu travel without pre-conditions or documents has been opened by both Kabuese governments to reunite families on both sides of the border, they then board a ferry to visit a North Kabuese village. Whilst in the village they discuss with the villagers about the end of the division as well as their lives in the North leading the pair as well as the villagers to realise their differences are negligible. On the ferry back to South Kabu, Melati and Ridwa rekindle an old childhood romance and kiss on the deck under an aurora at the equator.

After returning to South Kabu they interview local fishermen in Masiora and witness their lives and struggles. Whilst trying to leave the community they watch ABRK soldiers as well as local militias talking and walking together on the side of the road. To meet the deadline before the film has to be sent to the satellite they both decide to return home and do one final interview on themselves before making their relationship official. After returning the film Melati and Ridwa return to Ridwa's family home and watch the satellite's successful launch on television. At the end of the film the pair spend the night under another aurora in Ridwa's garden.



Development and casting