Inner Mations Aststan

The Confederation of Inner Mations Aststan

Inner Mations Aststan
Flag of Inner Mations Aststan
Motto: "Per Aspera Ad Astra"
Largest cityDrumchapel
Demonym(s)Inner Mations Aststani
GovernmentDemocratic Federal Republic

The Confederation of Inner Mations Aststan is a small country known for its exemplary civil rights and compassion towards its neighbours. It consists of a loose collection of nine semi-autonomous regions known as provinces, each governed by a provincial head-of-state, who collectively formed the Confederation in 1932 after declaring independence from Aziallis.

Notable Dates

1932 - Founding of Inner Mations Aststan, declaration of independence from Aziallis.

2017-08-18 - Physicist Rory Yossef named Chief Science Advisor.

2017-08-29 - Ex-schoolteacher and atheist Tobias Mealor named Chief Religion Advisor.

2017-08-29 - Orley named Inner Mations Aststan's capital city.

2017-09-27 - Founding of the Inner Mations Aststan Health Service (IMAHS) and increased funding to medical education programs.

2017-10-12 - Opening of the Boonmoure International Airport.

2017-11-15 - Official signatory to the Albith Convention.

2018-05-25 - Inner Mations Aststan's armed forces take control of the government.

2018-05-28 - Civilian control of Inner Mations Aststan's government is restored.

2018-09-27 - Official signatory to the Wolfgale Convention.

Legislation Passed

2017-08-17 - Rabbits banned from Inner Mations Aststan as they were found to harbour toxins harmful to people. Rabbit inspection stations have been set up at all border crossings.

2017-09-20 - Recreational drugs legalized.


The government of Inner Mations Aststan is classified as a democratic federal republic. Executive power is held by a Council of Provinces, where each of the nine provinces elects a representative. Members of the Confederate Assembly are elected by the citizens of Inner Mations Aststan in elections held every three years. Supreme Court judges are named by the Council of Provinces and have a 20-year term limit. Judges may serve until they reach the age of 55 or reach their term limit, which ever comes first.

Executive Branch

The Council of Provinces is made up of nine provincial representatives. At the time of the formation of the Confederacy, each province decided on the term and limits of their respective representative, leading to overlapping terms and a stable Council.

Province Representative First elected Term length Term limit Next election Eligible for re-election? Ministry
Vetraybia Alexander Brayles 2016 November 17 2 years 4 terms 2020 November 17 Yes -
Ashye Sofia Hunter 2010 October 19 3 years 3 terms 2019 October 19 No Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Acrye Ann Daelyngridge 2015 September 13 2 years no limit 2019 September 13 Yes Secretary of State for Internal Affairs
Gedraria Khalid Carr 2018 May 4 4 years 3 terms 2022 May 4 Yes -
Vespon Elise Stevens 2018 May 10 4 years 2 terms 2022 May 10 Yes Minister of Finance
Skeyla Christian Demoke 2013 December 21 3 years 2 terms 2019 December 21 No Minister of the Environment
Efleau Evered North 2017 April 25 3 years 1 term 2020 April 25 No Minister of Defense
Qaswa Ikiaq 2011 November 3 4 years 2 terms 2019 November 3 No -
Eshijan Ashley Pearce 2018 January 26 3 years 1 terms 2021 January 26 No Attorney General

Six of the members of the Council of Provinces constitute the Federal Council and lead a federal ministry. The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs represents Inner Mations Aststan overseas and is considered the Head of State for all foreign relations.

Judicial Branch

Supreme Court Justices

Sasha Caldwell, gay rights activist and former Provincial Council Representative for Efleau.

International Relations

Diplomatic Missions

Inner Mations Aststan has diplomatic ties with a number of countries in Anteria.

Country Type Chef de Mission Location
 Albithica Consular Amaruq Albith
 Aziallis Charlotte Riley Seruf

International Treaties, Agreements, and Organization Memberships

Name Type Status
Azillian Commonwealth Intergovernmental Organization Founding Member
Parthonian Economic and Social Commission Intergovernmental Organization Member
Commonwealth of Independent Nations Military Alliance Member
Albith Convention International Agreement Signatory