Isla de Rodriguez

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Isla de Rodríguez
Autonomous Region of Alecburgh
Clockwise from Top Left: Point of Santa Catalína, Camino Viejo del Arco Iris, Las Grandes Cascadas de Katarína, and La Isla de Vázquez
Clockwise from Top Left: Point of Santa Catalína, Camino Viejo del Arco Iris, Las Grandes Cascadas de Katarína, and La Isla de Vázquez
Flag of Isla de Rodríguez
Alecburgh's Tropical Paradise
'Da un Paso Hacia lo Desconocido' (Take a Step into the Unknown)
 • La Reina de La Isla de RodríguezDiana I
 • GovernorIsla Pass
 • Prime MinisterMargarita Sanchez
 • Total1,300 km2 (520 sq mi)
 • Total148,360
Time zoneUTC-3 (RST (Rodrígueza Standard Time))
ISO 3166 codeIDR

The Isla de Rodríguez is a semi-autonomous region of Alecburgh off the coast of southeastern Adula and north of Point Vazquéz. The island itself is located in the western portion of the Toyana Ocean, and it has an estimated population of 148,000 within its administrative limits. Before the 19th century, Isla de Rodriguez was undiscovered, but soon after the turn of the century, a shipwreck and a rescue mission, would lead the nations of Alecburgh and Blank to share a dispute over the island until the beginning of the World War when Blank gave up all claims to the island.

Since then, Isla de Rodríguez has become a semi-autonomous region of Alecburgh where Spanish is the only official language.


The island is named after Ramón Rodríguez, the first elected leader of the island after the June of 1886 Shipwreck.


Before the 19th century, Isla de Rodríguez was undiscovered, but soon after the turn of the century, fishermen from Alecburgh who had gotten pulled out too far due to a storm, would get brought to the island in June of 1886. The small group of fishermen, seven in total, were from the State of Marlinia where Spanish is a large minority language. As the men began to create their own society on the island, Ramón Rodríguez was designated as their leader due his strength and intellect, mostly since he was literate and the other men were not.


The Rodrígueza economy is based off of predominantly industry where canning, textiles, and plastics are very popular, but since the turn of the 21st Century, the island has began to transition towards Eco-Tourism, Advanced Technology, and Medical Research.



The Isla de Rodríguez is an island in southeastern Adula, surrounded by the Toyana Ocean. Isla de Rodriguez is made up of the main island, which takes up 99% of the area of the region, measuring 1350 square kilometres (520 sq mi). The region also includes two smaller islets; La Isla de Vázquez and La Isla de Escobar. The nation of Blank, which has given up all claims to the main island of Rodríguez, as well as Escobar, have not gave up their claim to La Isla de Vázquez.

La Isla de Rodríguez contains three terrestrial ecoregions: Rodríguez de Sur rainforests, Desierto de Esmeralda, and Rodríguez de Norte rainforests. The rainforests are home to over 176 species of bird species, about 30 of which are endemic.

The Esmeralda's Mole and the Rodrígueza Wildcat, are two of only six native land mammals on the island, and are only found on Isla de Rodríguez.

The capital city of Nuevo Sanchez is located on the estuary of El Rio de Gatos, named after the Rodrígueza Wildcat, on the island's southwestern coast.


The 2021 census puts La Isla de Rodríguez' population at 148,360 people. Approximately 80% of the population are of Costa-Alecburghish descent. Over 93% of the population hold both Alecburghish and Rodrígueza nationality and citizenship, with 4% of the remaining 7% being mostly from blank, and the remaining 3% from across the CCA, but mostly Southeastern Adula.

The predominant language on the island is Spanish, although English is widely spoken as it was taught in Rodrígueza schools until 2017 with the signing of Ley de Expulsión de Inglés.

Political and legal status

Since 1988, La Isla de Rodríguez has been a semi-autonomous region of Alecburgh. Prior to this, the island was part of the State of Marlinia from 1892 until 1965 when it became an Alecburghish Royal Territory.

The island's main leader is La Reina de La Isla de Rodríguez, who is currently Diana I. This title is for the most part ceremonial as the Rodrígueza Prime Minister, Margarita Sanchez, and the Rodrígueza Governor, Isla Pass take more control of the island. Both of the later are democratically elected by Rodrígueza citizens above the age of 17, the lowest voting age in Alecburgh.