Ivan VI of Soravia

Ivan VI
Borovikovsky Pavel I.jpg
Ivan VI's succession portrait by Catherine Beaumonoir in 1829
Emperor of Soravia
Reign28 August 1829 – 13 July 1861
Coronation28 August 1829
PredecessorIvan V
SuccessorEduard Olsov (as President)
BornIvan Demjan Nurukovich
(1791-10-07)7 October 1791
Samistopol, Soravia
Died1 April 1870(1870-04-01) (aged 78)
Demora, Kingdom of Florena
SpouseAnastàsia Telois-Florana (m. 1834)
IssueIvan Nurukovich
Michal Nurukovich
Vasil Nurukovich
FatherIvan V
MotherClaudia Irina de Tresia, High Duchess of Acmonia
ReligionEpisemialist Christianity

Ivan VI (Soravian: Павел I Нурукович; Pavel Nurukovich (7 October 1791 – 1 April 1870) was the Emperor of Soravia from his coronation in 1829 to his forced exile to Florena following the First Soravian Civil War in 1861. The son of Ivan V and Claudia Irina de Tresia, a member of the Amathian de Tresia house, Ivan succeeded the throne in a period of Soravian turmoil, following the struggled reign of his father.

Largely a continuation of the brutal and oppressive policies of his father, Ivan VI concluded the reign of tyranny that had swept over Soravia throughout the 19th century. His anti-peasantry rhetoric saw the adoption of many laws throughout his reign, leading to the continued oppression of the peasantry, and, as a result, the development of unrest throughout the empire. Amidst the Euclean Spring that had taken the continent by storm, the peasants attempted to revolt against the rule of the Emperor when they attempted to storm the Nuruk Palace in Samistopol in 1848. Almost succeeding, Ivan was forced to seclude himself for the public for the rest of 1848 for serious concerns of his safety. He returned to public life in 1849, giving a speech in Samistopol promising great change and the "the progression of all mankind" - now a Soravian idiom for the perceived goal of something useless. His reforms attempted to reform how farms work, in light of the sweeping movement of subsistence farming throughout the country due to the Famine of 1823, forcing farmers to give up a certain amount of food before they could keep some for themselves, but when the food taken still wasn't enough for the peasantry, the farmers began hiding food in floorboards and haystacks to try and minimalise losses.

Fearing a major threat to his reign, Ivan VI joined the War of the Triple Alliance in 1852 in an attempt to unify the country under a single banner for a larger cause, and while the country found initial success, the eventual entry of Estmere into the war and the defeats at the Battle of Trierberg and Siege of Rokrika cemented the country's eventual civil war. Ivan fled the country for Florena in 1858 and relinquished the title of Emperor of Soravia in 1861, following the Treaty of Ulan Khol. Ivan would remain in Florena until his death in 1870.