Joanna Greenwood

Joanna Greenwood
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President of Kerlile
In office
04 June 2001 – 08 July 2019
Preceded bySara Viallamando
Succeeded byRebecca Arnott
Member of the Council of Kerlile
In office
17 March 1990 – 03 June 2001
PresidentSara Viallamando
Preceded byRebecca Greenwood
Succeeded byLetitia Greenwood
Personal details
Joanna Amalie Greenwood

(1953-11-28) November 28, 1953 (age 66)
Iletina, Kerlile
Political partyWomen's Party of Kerlile
ChildrenLetitia Greenwood, Elisa Greenwood, Juliette Greenwood
MotherRebecca Greenwood
Alma materUniversity of Grapevale
Military service
Years of service1975-1990

Joanna Amalie Greenwood (born 28th November 1953) was President of Kerlile from 2001 until 2019, appointed in 2001 by fellow members of the Council of Kerlile. Greenwood is known for introducing legislation permitting tourists to visit Kerlile, and in establishing diplomatic relations with other nations, following the isolationist policies of her predecessors.

While maintaining the Kerlian traditions of ensuring women have greater rights than men in the country, Greenwood was also active in encouraging the country to cut carbon emissions and have greater respect for animal rights.

Early life & Education

Greenwood was born in Iletina on the 28th November 1953, to Rebecca Greenwood. Greenwood is a direct descendant of Wilma Greenwood, one of the founding mothers of Kerlile. As such, her upbringing was comparable to that of aristocracy in other countries. Her mother was a member of the Council of Kerlile when she was born, and as per Kerlian tradition, her father was not granted any rights or informed of her birth.

As a child of a Council member, Greenwood grew up in Maytown, a gated city in Kerlile where Council members spend the summer months. Greenwood was raised primarily by childcare staff in the Council mansions, and was educated with the other Council members' daughters in a small school reserved only for children of Council members.

At the age of eighteen, Greenwood attended the University of Grapevale, studying feminist history and music. Following university, she served in the army until the death of her mother.

Council of Kerlile

Following the death of her mother Rebecca, Greenwood took her seat on the Council of Kerlile, a hereditary body comprised of the descendants of the original founders of Kerlile. Inheritance is passed to the eldest living daughter upon the death or resignation of a Council member.

At the age of 37, Joanna Greenwood took her seat on the Council. The Council acts as a second chamber to the Parliament of Kerlile, a body elected by female Kerlian citizens over the age of 18 from a list of candidates approved by the Council and the President. The President herself is appointed by the Council from its members.

During most of Greenwood's time on the Council, the Kerlian Civil War was taking place. Greenwood was considered instrumental in ensuring the victory of the Kerlian regime through her knowledge of military tactics and her propaganda campaign to endear the Kerlian citizens to the government's rule.

Her other work on the Council included: supporting climate change legislation in civilian sectors (though notably exempting the military from the same regulations), pushing for the re-segregation of schools by gender, and opening the country to tourists.


After the death of former President Sara Viallamando, Greenwood was appointed President of Kerlile by a unanimous vote of the Council. Her work in winning the civil war is considered to be the main factor behind the volume of support she found on the Council. She became President in 2001.

In her early years as President, she began a campaign to 'rebuild trust between the Kerlian government and people' which involved providing free amenities to Kerlian citizens deemed 'loyal' to the government. During these years, the number of Kerlian citizens imprisoned or executed for 'treason', 'disloyalty' and 'rebellion against the state' decreased rapidly.

In June 2018, Greenwood sent troops to Lauchenoiria to support Suleman Chaher's coup d'état against Laura Moore. In August 2018, she announced her willingness to enter into peace talks in Sanctaria