John XIII, Latin Emperor

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Portrait of John as Prince in 1880.
Latin Emperor
Reign25 October 1891 – 9 June 1918
Coronation19 December 1891
PredecessorTheophylactus I Augustus
SuccessorMarius IV
Born(1845-06-15)15 June 1845
Villa Theophylacti, Insula Ceos, Latium
Died9 June 1925(1925-06-09) (aged 76)
Ravenna, Latium
Full name
Marcus Anicius Probinus Iohnnes Petrus Caesar
FatherTheophylactus I Augustus
MotherPrincess Galara of Gaemar
ReligionFabrian Catholic

John XIII (Marcus Anicius Probinus Iohnnes Petrus Caesar; 15 March 1845 – 9 June 1925) was Latin Emperor from 1891 to 1925, succeeding his father Theophylactus I Augustus. John was the eldest son of Theophylactus I Augustus and Ghantish noblewoman, Princess Galara of Gaemar.

In 1869, he married Alexandra of Ghant, together they had four children. John was an avid athlete before becoming emperor and was said to have organized football matches on the lawns and gardens of the familial palaces in Castellum and Alexandria. He and his wife, Alexandra, are credited for the introduction of ice hockey into Latium and the first organized hockey tournament in Latium, Copa Glaciei. The death of his eldest son, three grandchildren and youngest daughter in 1921 are said to have caused John to make fewer public and state appearances in the latter years of his reign. He was succeeded by his youngest daughter Marius IV.

Early Life

John was born in March 1845 at Anicia familial estate on Insula Ceos to Theophylactus I Augustus and Ghantish noblewoman, Princess Galara of Gaemar. He was the first born of five children, and was raised in Castellum, due to his father's status as heir presumptive to the Latin throne. John was born one year before his father's reign and the only of Emperor Theophylactus's children not to have the distinction of "Born in the Purple".


Sponsorship of Athletics


Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
Marius IV of Latium (1871-09-08)8 September 1871 14 February 1928(1928-02-14) (aged 56) Married Marie-Christine of Escondeaux.
Prince Michael, Duke of Alba (1878-12-27)27 December 1878 2 June 1935(1935-06-02) (aged 55) Married Marie-Amélie of Prusson; had issue.
Joanna I of Latium (1878-12-27)27 December 1878 9 June 1934(1934-06-09) (aged 55) Married John Anicius, Duke of Beroea; had issue.

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