Keitha Noguera

Keitha Noguera
Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria
In office
04 September 2018 – 06 July 2019
PresidentRogelio Paloma
Preceded byCharissa Clarke
Succeeded byJosephine Alvarez
First Minister of Aeluria
In office
10 October 2012 – 04 September 2018
Preceded byAlexander Thompson
Succeeded byNazario Macías
Personal details
Keitha Santana

(1947-10-01) October 1, 1947 (age 74)
Liaville, Aeluria, Lauchenoiria
Political partyAelurian Independence Party
Spouse(s)Anael Noguera (m. 1968; his death 2018)
Alma materUniversity of Carville

Keitha Noguera (born October 1st, 1947) is a former Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria, and former First Minister of Aeluria and leader of the Aelurian Independence Party. She is best known for issuing a unilateral declaration of independence on behalf of Aeluria, part of Lauchenoiria.

Noguera is descended from native Aelurians, and one of her major policy platforms has been greater rights and recognition for native populations across Lauchenoiria.

Following the signing of the Haven Accords, Noguera became Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria, heading a unity government tasked with rebuilding the country following the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War.

Early Life & Education

Noguera was born Keitha Santana on the 1st October 1947, in Liaville Central Hospital. She was raised in a small village in the south of the island, called Ilipsin by native Aelurians. The village was inhabited solely by native Aelurians.

Noguera was educated in the village school until the age of fourteen when the Communist central Lauchenoirian government insisted natives send their children to boarding schools if their facilities were deemed 'inadequate' by the government. Noguera attended school in Carville from age 14-18, after which she went to university in that city.

After graduation in 1970, Noguera returned to Ilipsin, to find the village had been destroyed and its population forcibly relocated. Noguera has said this experience is what led to her supporting Aelurian independence.

Early Career

Noguera worked in the administrative offices for imports to Aeluria from the mainland until 1999, a job assigned to her by the communist regime. While most Lauchenoirians were free to choose a career in Communist Lauchenoiria, the regime operated a 'job assignment' scheme on Aeluria, claiming it was to balance the island's economy. Critics of the scheme have suggested that it was a direct result of the greater political opposition to the government on the island, and was intended to punish islanders.

Political Career

At the age of 52, Noguera resigned from her position and began to work for the campaign for a devolved Aelurian parliament. This was granted to Aeluria, and the other provinces two years later in 2001.

Noguera, who had joined the Aelurian Independence Party in 1993 when it was first created, immediately stood for election in the constituency of Ilip Valley, where the old village of Ilipsin had been. She was elected in the 2001 election, which was won by the Communist Party in a disputed result, the validity of which has been called into question.

In 2010, Noguera was elected leader of the AIP by party members.

In 2012, the AIP won the election, and Noguera became First Minister of Aeluria.

First Minister of Aeluria

From 2012-2016, the AIP governed as a minority government, and focused on improving education on the island and working for greater rights for the native population. In the 2016 election, the AIP was returned to power with a majority. Noguera maintains that this equals a mandate for Aelurian independence.

In June 2018, Noguera issued a unilateral declaration of independence, which both Leanna Walker and Suleman Chaher refused to recognise. The declaration was not recognised by most states, however was recognised by Gnejs and Kivasek, the latter of whom provided troops to Aeluria to defend the island from Chaher's government in the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War. The declaration was withdrawn upon the signing of the Haven Accords.

Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria

Following the end of the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, Noguera was asked to head a unity government until fair and free elections can be held in Lauchenoiria. She therefore became Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria.