Josephine Alvarez

Josephine Alvarez
Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria
Assumed office
06 July 2019
PresidentAlex Marwick
Preceded byKeitha Noguera
Foreign Secretary of Lauchenoiria
In office
11 November 2017 – 09 May 2018
PresidentLeanna Walker
Prime MinisterLaura Moore
Preceded byRowan Martin
Succeeded byRowan Martin
Finance Secretary of Lauchenoiria
In office
18 September 2014 – 11 November 2017
PresidentLeanna Walker
Prime MinisterLaura Moore
Preceded byAlesha Neuman
Succeeded byGavin Kirkwood
Member of Parliament
In office
10 September 2006 – 09 May 2018
Preceded byKyle Kerevan
Succeeded byvacant
ConstituencyGreater Usera
Deputy First Minister of Yervia
In office
04 April 2003 – 07 June 2006
Preceded byTerence Duncan
Succeeded byRichard Lucas
Member of the Yervian Parliament
In office
10 September 1999 – 07 June 2006
Preceded byNeil Wolff
Succeeded byNicole Young
ConstituencyEastern Usera
Personal details
Josefina Alvarez Gallego

(1977-04-13) April 13, 1977 (age 44)
Usera, Lauchenoiria
Political partyLiberal Party
Spouse(s)Jennifer Hale
MotherClarissa Gallego Mártez
FatherRaymundo Alvarez Ortega
Alma materUniversity of West Summersea

Josephine Alvarez (born Josefina Alvarez Gallego on 13th April 1977) is the current Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria and leader of the Liberal Party of Lauchenoiria. She was Foreign Secretary of Lauchenoiria from November 2017 until May 2018. She previously served as Finance Secretary from September 2014 until 2017, and is considered the main architect behind the victory of the capitalist campaign in the capitalism referendum.

Alvarez previously served as the Deputy First Minister of Yervia Province, during the SDP-Liberal coalition that ran the province from 2003 until 2007. She was the youngest person to have served in the role. Under her leadership, the Yervia Liberals managed to increase their popularity drastically, overtaking their coalition partners in the 2007 election. In the 2006 Federal election, Alvarez was elected to the Federal Parliament

Alvarez is married to Jennifer Hale, a member of the Council of Kerlile, although this marriage is considered illegitimate by many as Kerlian Councillors cannot legally marry in Kerlile and the marriage took place while Hale was living under the false name of 'Sonja Viratnen'.

Early Life and Education

Josephine Alvarez was born on the 13th April 1977 in Usera Central Hospital to Raymundo Alvarez and Clarissa Gallego. She has three siblings, two older sisters and one younger brother. She attended school in Usera, joining the Liberal Party at the age of 16 while still in school in 1993, as soon as capitalist political parties were legalised.

She attended the University of West Summersea, beginning straight after school. She studied politics and economics. She graduated in 1999, the same year she stood for election to the Yervian Parliament.

Political Career

Early Career

Alvarez was elected as a member of the Yervian Parliament when she was only 22, in a shock election victory for the Liberal Party only months after her graduation from university. Her priority, as she stated at the time, was to 'dismantle the remnants of Villanueva's authoritarian regime' within Yervia province, and to ensure that all groups in the area had their say on how this should be done.

She became deputy leader of the Liberal Party in Yervia at the age of 24, in a move some said was intended to encourage more young people to become involved with the party. In 2002, shortly before the provincial elections, the leader of the Yervian party, Diego García, was killed in a car accident, leaving Alvarez to lead the party into the elections.

Unexpectedly, the Communist Party lost the elections for the first time since the 1952 revolution, leaving the Social Democratic Party marginally in the lead. The SDP and the Liberal Party decided to form a coalition, leading Alvarez to become the Deputy First Minister of the province at the age of 25.

Federal Parliament

In 2006, Josephine Alvarez stood for, and was elected to, the Federal Parliament of Lauchenoiria representing the constituency of Greater Usera. She continued to argue for the systematic dismantling of institutions set up by Mateo Villanueva following the violent 1952 revolution, arguing that only with a complete fresh start could the country begin to move forward from the authoritarian period under Villanueva and his immediate successors.

In 2014, following the victory of the Liberal Party and the appointment of Laura Moore as Prime Minister, Moore asked Alvarez to serve as her Finance Secretary, and tasked Alvarez with coming up with a proposal for how to transition the economy to a capitalist system from the centrally controlled communist economy that the country still operated.

Following the victory of the capitalist campaign in the 2017 referendum, Moore's foreign secretary Rowan Martin resigned, and Moore offered Alvarez the position. She accepted, and in this role continued to discuss with other nations Lauchenoiria joining the international community more fully, and negotiating trade deals with other nations.

During the Civil War

During the outbreak of the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, Josephine Alvarez was imprisoned by Suleman Chaher's government, who accused her of 'treason' for failing to recognise Chaher's government following his coup d'etat. She was sent to Ginsap Prison, where a number of female political prisoners were held during the early days of the civil war.

In early June, Alvarez and a number of political prisoners were broken out of this facility by the Lauchenoirian Resistance. Alvarez spent most of the summer in resistance-held Usera, where she continued to argue for a resolution to the war that ensured the survival of Lauchenoirian democracy and prevented an authoritarian government seizing power.

In early August, when the Kerlian Army captured Usera, Alvarez was taken to Kerlile as a prisoner of war. While in Kerlile, she was accused by the Kerlian government of attempting to assassinate President Joanna Greenwood. Upon the signing of the Haven Accords, Kerlile was forced to return Alvarez to Lauchenoiria. They have since filed a request for extradition, which the Lauchenoirian government rejected.


In December 2018, Alvarez was elected leader of the Liberal Party of Lauchenoiria. Following the June 2019 elections, she became Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria, heading a coalition of the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the Lauchenoirian Democratic Alliance and the Pacifist Party.

Family Life

Josephine Alvarez met her wife Sonja Viratnen in 2006, and they married in 2010. Since the revelation that Sonja Viratnen was a false identity taken by Jennifer Hale, doubt has been cast upon the validity of this marriage, both as a result of the false identity, and that Councillors of Kerlile are forbidden from marrying. The couple had planned to adopt shortly before the outbreak of the war.

Alvarez has three siblings. Her eldest sister lives in Melissa City, her younger brother is a PhD student at Annatown University, and her other sister lives in Buttercity and works for a book publishing company. Her parents retired to Butterfly Island in 2001 and remain there to this day. Her parents refused to comment upon her activities during the civil war when asked.