Kerlian Coup Attempt, 1983

The 1983 coup attempt in Kerlile was an attempt by Councillor Joanne Robinson to remove Susanna Pierre from power. Robinson attempted to use an obscure measure to 'recall' President Pierre to the Council of Kerlile to answer for the negative image of Kerlile abroad. While the Kerlian government claim it was an attempted coup, the Robinson family continue to deny the allegations.


President Susanna Pierre was the first President of Kerlile who was not one of the initial founders of the country, instead being the daughter of Marilène Pierre. She was known for reigning in the aggressive military posturing of her predecessor, however she greatly increased funding to the intelligence services, and during her time as president, Kerlile began to monitor Kerlian civilians extensively.

This was accompanied by a large number of disappearances of children across Kerlile, which had a detrimental effect on Kerlile's international image. Other nations began decreasing their trade with Kerlile, which had a negative impact on the economy. Arrests for political crimes trebled during the first five years of the Pierre presidency. The popularity of President Pierre slowly diminished in the country, and on the Council itself.

The Attempt

With no prior warning, during a session of the Council of Kerlile, Councillor Joanne Robinson attempted to force a vote on recalling President Pierre to the Council to answer for her role in the negative image of Kerlile across the IDU. The attempt failed, with 4 Councillors voting in favour and 6 against. The names of the other three Councillors who voted in favour are unknown. All later swore loyalty to Pierre in exchange for their freedom.

During the vote, armed individuals wearing the insignia of the Robinson family attempted to surround the Council chamber and the residence of President Pierre. All were apprehended or killed by Kerlian forces. One member of Pierre's security staff was killed, and seven were injured.

Robinson's death

After the meeting of the Council dissolved, Joanne Robinson was barred from leaving the Council chamber and forced to wait for President Pierre to 'discuss' her concerns. It is unknown exactly what happened, but the following morning, Robinson was found dead on the floor of the Council chamber after having apparently ingested a poison. The name of the poison was never released.

Robinson's death was officially ruled as a suicide by the Kerlian authorities, though even in Kerlile this explanation is widely rejected.


The Robinson family maintain that Joanne Robinson was murdered by the Pierre family. The two families have been involved in a feud since, which has led to the death or disappearance of over 20 Robinson cousins, and 3 cousins of the Pierre Councillors. 6 relatives of the present Councillor Carmen Robinson are also presently detained in the Restricted Region on the orders of Councillor Pauline Pierre.

In 2018, during the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, a USB stick containing details of the 'Aurora Programme', an alleged Kerlian sleeper agent training program was leaked to the Lauchenoirian Resistance. Councillor Carmen Robinson was accused of being behind the leak, and was placed under house arrest in April 2019 after spending months in hiding. The Aurora Programme is run by the Pierre family.