Carmen Robinson


Carmen Robinson
Member of the Council of Kerlile
Assumed office
18 April 2016
PresidentJoanna Greenwood
Preceded bySarah Robinson
Personal details
Carmen Alicia Robinson

(1984-06-01) June 1, 1984 (age 37)
Grapevale, Kerlile
Political partyReform Party
ChildrenNatasha Robinson, Imogen Robinson
MotherSarah Robinson
EducationMaytown University

Councillor Carmen Alicia Robinson (born 1st June 1984) is the current Robinson family representative on the Council of Kerlile. She is known for supporting reformist policies. She is currently being held under house arrest at the order of the rest of the Council for suspected treason.

Early life & education

Carmen Robinson was born four weeks early to Councillor Sarah Robinson, whose own mother had been killed while she was pregnant following the 1983 coup attempt, in the Kerlian capital of Buttercity. Her mother had severe post-natal depression, and the young Carmen was raised primarily by staff.

She was educated by private tutors with other relatives of Councillors in the city of Maytown in southern Kerlile, as is tradition, however she remained there year-round rather than returning to her mother in the summers, unlike other Daughters of the Council.

She attended the University of Hazelton in western Kerlile, studying Physics. She remained there for ten years, completing her PhD. She remained at the university doing research until her mother’s premature death in 2016 at the age of 56, when she inherited her seat on the Council.

On the Council

Robinson publicly blamed Councillor Pauline Pierre for the death of her mother, claiming that Councillor Pierre had repeatedly taunted Sarah about the death of Carmen’s grandmother, Joanne Pierre, who died in mysterious circumstances following a bid to oust Susanna Pierre from the presidency in 1983. This was a tumultuous start to Robinson’s time on the Council.

During her first year on the Council, Robinson fought for reform, introducing bills which would ban the use of torture as a punishment and allow emigration. All these attempts failed. She campaigned for a brief period in support of men’s rights, however after several months all evidence of this had vanished from official Kerlian news sources.

In her second year, she became more conservative, and appeared to have started supporting the standard policies of the Matriarchy. However, when the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War broke out, she urged caution, trying to convince the Council to obey international law in the treatment of prisoners.

Aurora leaks

During the peace talks in Haven, Sanctaria, which culminated in the Haven Accords, the contents of a USB stick which came into the possession of Laura Moore’s Lauchenoirian Resistance revealed the existence of the ‘Aurora Programme’ – allegedly a training programme for Kerlian sleeper agents. The documents contained indicated that they had been collated by Councillor Robinson.

Shortly after the reveal of these documents, Councillor Robinson went into hiding, and was not seen again until April 2019, when she walked into the Council chamber. She was immediately accused of treason for leaking the documents, and placed under house arrest.

Personal life

Carmen Robinson has a love of science, and has continued her physics research part-time even while fulfilling her role as a Councillor. She has written several papers on quantum information, and once collaborated on a paper with a Lauchenoirian scientist, which caused much controversy in both nations.

She has two daughters, Natasha (born 2005) and Imogen (born 2012). The identity of the father or fathers remains unknown. Her daughters remain in hiding following Robinson’s flight in September 2018.