President of Kerlile

President of Kerlile
Rebecca Arnott

since 10 July 2019
StyleMadam President
StatusHead of State
Formation17 February 1934
First holderWilma Greenwood

The President of Kerlile is the Head of State of Kerlile. She is appointed to her position by the Council of Kerlile from within the membership of that body. The President of Kerlile must be from one of the ten ruling families of Kerlile, and must be female.

The current President is Rebecca Arnott who succeeded Joanna Greenwood on the 8th July 2019.


The post was created by the ten 'founding mothers' of Kerlile, ten years after the formation of the Matriarchy of Kerlile. The ten founding mothers became the first Council of Kerlile, and appointed one of them, Wilma Greenwood, as the first President. She was succeeded on the Council by her daughter, Rebecca Greenwood. The President of Kerlile was to be the Head of State of Kerlile.

In a coup attempt in 1983, a Councillor, Joanne Robinson, attempted to recall President Susanna Pierre in a meeting of the Council. The attempt failed, and Robinson was found dead shortly afterwards.


The President of Kerlile is the head of state and head of government of Kerlile. She is more powerful than any individual Councillor, however answers to the Council of Kerlile as a whole. She is appointed by the Council and can be recalled by the Council.

Former Presidents

Wilma Greenwood (1934-1942)

Nancy Arnott (1942-1959)

Sunita Patel (1959-1970)

Susanna Pierre (1970-1990)

Sara Viallamando (1990-2001)

Joanna Greenwood (2001-2019)

Rebecca Arnott (2019-present)