Krasile (Hytek)
Krasnau (Hesurian
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Clockwise from top: Sūda Clocktower overlooking Svarziem Port; the Valtsistaba building that houses the National Assembly;, Mēness Boulevard, the most expensive road in Hytekia by square kilometre; Krasno Cathedral at night
Flag of Krasno
 • GovernorIlgmars Zvinelis (HKP)
 • City704.3 km2 (271.9 sq mi)
 • City1,462,834
 • Density2,100/km2 (5,400/sq mi)
 • Metro

Krasno (pronounced /'kræsnoʊ/ sometimes //'kræznoʊ/, Hytek: Krasile, Standard Alemannic: Krasnau) is the most populous city in the People's Republic of Hytekia. Sat on the River Arkau, like much of Hytekia's industrial centre, the city is a wealthy river port and is sat in a strategic location near Lake Sigismund. With a metropolitan population of 5,109,663 in 2017, it is the largest city in Erdara. Krasno is the seat of most of Hytekia's main governmental institutions and also houses offices for intergovernmental organisations, such as the AN.

The !GaWC classify Krasno as a Beta global city, with some examples of economic integration with its neighbours, mostly seen through the city's public transport connections to likes of Lilienburg and Višnevas (between certain dates). Krasno is a large tourist destination and known for its contrast between the historic architecture of the Old Town contrasting with brutalist districts in the city's expanded metropolitan area, where around 30% of its population live or work in one capacity or another. Many of Hytekojuznia's royal family were born and are buried in the city's Guzhe Chapel, and it has been described as Hytekia's centre of culture.

Etymology and other names

While an official etymology has not yet been derived for the city, historians mainly agree that the name of the city comes from a Proto-Ragutic-Dulebian peoples who named the region Krasno now sits in before the city itself was actually founded. The Dulebian Kрасный or Krasnyy, meaning "red" is what the original name is thought to have sounded like. However, it is unknown why the city's namesake is "red".

Most notable names for the city include Krasno, Hytek: Krasile, Hesurian: Krasnau, Mitrusian: Kapunni, Juznik: Krašila and Dulebian: Krosny. The city has not been historically referred to by another game that does not relate partially or wholly to its currently-accepted etymology.