Kieran MacKenzie

Kieran MacKenzie
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Kieran MacKenzie
President of Lauchenoiria
In office
05 June 2018 – 16 October 2018
Prime MinisterCharissa Clarke
Preceded byLeanna Walker
Succeeded byRogelio Paloma
Vice President of Lauchenoiria
In office
10 June 2015 – 05 June 2018
Preceded byJordi Figueras
Succeeded byvacant
Member of Parliament
In office
17 February 1994 – 10 September 2010
Preceded bySofia Clarkston
Succeeded byZach Carey
ConstituencyNorth-East Melissa
Personal details
Born (1938-12-14) December 14, 1938 (age 82)
Melissa City, Lauchenoiria
Political partyCommunist Party (post-June 2018)
Other political
Liberal Party (pre-June 2018)
Spouse(s)Patricia MacKenzie
ChildrenLawrence MacKenzie, Hannah Johnstone, Isabella MacKenzie
Military service
Branch/serviceLauchenoirian Navy
Years of service1956-1960
Battles/warsSecond War of Aelurian Independence

Kieran MacKenzie (born 14th December 1938) was President of Lauchenoiria. He became President after succeeding Leanna Walker who was impeached by Parliament on 5th June 2018. On the same day, he switched party from the Liberals to the Communists.

Early Life

Kieran MacKenzie was born in Melissa City on December 14th 1938. He was educated locally at City Primary School and later Melissa High. He was 13 at the time of the Lauchenoirian Communist Revolution, when his father was killed fighting for the capitalist forces. Throughout his teenage years, he assisted his mother in raising his three younger siblings.

At the age of 18, he joined the Lauchenoirian Navy, where he served for four years.

Second War of Aelurian Independence

In December 1956, the Communist administration removed all devolved powers to the island of Aeluria, leading the islanders to rise up in revolt against the Lauchenoirian government. Following the death of the Aelurian Governor appointed by Mateo Villanueva, Villanueva's government sent the navy to blockade the island and prevent supplies reaching the island until the leaders of the revolt surrendered.

The blockade lasted one month, after which Lauchenoirian forces were ordered to land on the island and take back power by force. MacKenzie served on board the LFS Mariposa during the conflict.

Early Career

After his military service, MacKenzie moved back to Melissa City where he began to work in administration for the state-owned car manufacturer. He worked there until 1975, when he was offered a position at their head office in Buttercity. He remained there until 1990, when he was fired after participating in a pro-capitalism demonstration.

Political Career

In 1993, when capitalist political parties were legalised, MacKenzie immediately re-founded the Liberal Party along with a group of four others. He ran for election to the Federal Parliament in the 1994 election for the constituency of North-East Melissa. He won with a narrow majority of 148 votes.

In Parliament

MacKenzie was MP for North-East Melissa from 1994 until 2010 when he supposedly retired. During his time in Parliament, he campaigned for an end to communism, and for the government to issue apologies to all those imprisoned and killed during the uprising. He was also a strong proponent of Lauchenoirian unity, and opposed greater autonomy for the provinces.

Vice Presidency

After the unexpected death of Leanna Walker's original running mate, Nicholas Drysdale, MacKenzie came out of retirement to be Walker's running mate only a month before the election. Walker was victorious, and so MacKenzie became Vice President.

As Vice President, MacKenzie mainly played a role in diplomacy and foreign affairs while Walker focused on campaigning for the capitalist referendum. In early 2018, his public appearances became less frequent, leading to speculation about his health.

Walker's Impeachment & Presidency

Following Suleman Chaher's overthrow of Laura Moore and subsequent rise to power, Leanna Walker was impeached, leading to MacKenzie assuming the Presidency. As President, he has made only one public appearance, however signed an executive order temporarily suspending the constitution and allowing Chaher almost unrestricted control over Lauchenoiria.

Some have speculated that MacKenzie is being coerced into signing Chaher's legislation, as he has not been seen since he assumed the Presidency.

Speculation around health

In January 2018, a large amount of scheduled public appearances by MacKenzie were cancelled, leading to speculation in the media that his health had deteriorated and he was no longer fit to carry out his job. After he assumed the presidency, critics of the new regime claimed that MacKenzie was no longer fit to carry out the office of President and instead was being coerced and controlled by Suleman Chaher in an unconstitutional fashion due to his inability to make his own decisions.