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Abbreviations and shorthand names

  • Sekidean Union - SU, The Union, the Union, Union
  • Inner Sekidean Union - ISU, The Inner Union, the Inner Union, Inner Union, Inner Countries, Inner countries
  • Dokodo Union - DU, Dokodo
  • Norterric Assembly - NA, Norterric, Norterria, Norterrica
  • Member State of the Sekidean Union - SU Member, SU member, The Member, Member, Sekidean Member, Member Entity, Member entity - currently 17 states
  • Member Entity of the Sekidean Union - SU Entity, SU entity, The Entity, Entity, Sekidean Entity, Member State, Member state - currently 20 entities
  • Member of the Inner Sekidean Union - ISU Member, ISU member, Inner Sekidean Member, Inner Sekidean member, Inner Member, Inner member, Inner Country, Inner country - currently 10 members
  • Country applicating for the SU membership - The Applicant, Applicant, Applicant nation, Applicant country, The Candidate, Candidate, Candidate nation, Candidate country
  • Country applicating for the ISU membership - The ISU Applicant, ISU Applicant, ISU Applicant nation, ISU Applicant country, The ISU Candidate, ISU Candidate, ISU Candidate nation, ISU Candidate country
  • Country associated to the SU via a special deal - The Associate, Associate, SU Associate, Associated nation, Associated country
  • Sekidean Charter - Sekidean Treaty, Sekidean Treaties, SU Treaty, SU Treaties, The Treaty, The Treaties, The System, SU Charter, The Charter
  • Sekidean Treaty System - SU Treaty System, The Treaty System, Treaty System, The System, Sekidean System
  • Inner Sekidean Treaty System - ISU Treaty System, ISU Treaties, ISU System

Treaties connected to the Sekidean Treaty System

Dokodo Union - Sekidean Union Co-operation Treaty (DUSU-COT)


Chapter 01: Pact of Non-Aggression

  1. The Member States/Entities of the DU and the SU shall refrain from engaging in armed conflict with one another in order to promote social harmony and economic integration between the two blocs. The Pact of Non-Aggression formalises the association between the two blocs and ensures that neither bloc must prepare for a military advance from the other.
  2. In case there is a possibility of armed conflict between the DU and SU members, the DUSU-COT DEM (De-escalation Mechanism) shall go into action.
    1. The COT-DEM is designed to ensure co-operation between members of the two blocs and allows for a passive, non-militaristic method of conflict resolution
    2. A member from one of the blocs shall be chosen to provide a space for discussions between the member states/entities involved with conflict and a member state/entity from the other bloc shall be expected to provide staff and moderation to facilitate the discussions for de-escalation and resolution
  3. The states who shall participate in the facilitation of de-escalation must be un-involved in the said conflict and the roles of the two states shall be decided by a lottery system
  4. In the case that the COT-DEM fails to achieve de-escalation and an armed conflict blows out between member states/entities of the DU and the SU, the mutual defense clauses that are a part of both blocs shall remain inactive, meaning, other member states/entities of the bloc shall have no legal obligation to provide military support in the instance of armed conflict between DU and SU member states/entities
  5. In the stead of mutual defense, the un-involved DU and SU nations would be expected to collaborate and ensure a quick end to armed conflict while also ensuring minimal collateral damage due to the armed conflict
  6. In case an armed conflict does break out between DU and SU members, a tribunal consiting of at least 2 DU and 2 SU nations shall be formed to adjudicate on the penalities to be imposed on the member states/entities participating in the armed conflict, as well as deliver justice by conducting free and fair trials for war criminals

Chapter 02: Free Trade Association

  1. The member states/entities agree to enter into a free trade alliance, meaning goods originating in member states/entities of one bloc shall not charged any form of duties, tariffs or quotas while getting imported into the member states/entities of the other bloc
  2. Nations would be encouraged to ensure an easy movement of goods and services between blocs by removing physical and other barriers to trade, but there shall be no legal obligation under this treaty to eliminate such physical barriers
  3. The Free Trade Association would recognize certain goods and services as unique cultural heritage of certain nations, upon submission of a list of such goods and services, and members shall be allowed to apply certain trade restrictions on such goods and services

Chapter 03: Customs Agreements

  1. The DU and the SU shall, for the sake of economic integration, form a Customs Group
    1. The Customs Group would be a body made up of representatives of all member states/entities of the DU and the SU
    2. The Group shall have no binding legal powers but shall be a place for deliberation on customs regulation
  2. The DU and the SU shall make use of the Customs Group to deliberate upon and try arriving at the same or similar customs regulations, essentially matching each other in custom regulations, allowing for the smooth functioning of the Free Trade Association
  3. Since the Customs Group has no binding legal authority, no bloc is obligated to follow regulations, but for improving economic relationships it would be in the best interest of both blocs to deliberate and apply at least similar customs regulations and policies

Chapter 04: Social Integration

  1. Both blocs shall be encouraged to remove travel restrictions on individuals from the other bloc allowing for easier movement of people between the two blocs both for business and travel purposes
  2. Member States/Entities within both blocs shall also be encouraged to reduce restrictions on naturalisation for individuals from the other bloc to allow for more effective social integration and cultural exchange
  3. The DU and the SU shall establish a DUSU student scholarship programme:
    1. This shall be a scholarship programme administered jointly by the DU and the SU by forming a Scholarship Group comprising of 2 nominated representatives from each bloc who shall be the Board of Governors for the Scholarship
    2. The BoG shall decide the number of scholarships made available to students from each member state/entity for each year
    3. The Scholarships shall allow students enrolled in schools and universities of DU and SU member states/entities to study in a member state/entity of the other bloc for one academic year
    4. The scholarship shall cover for tuition, housing, food and minor recreation for each of the participants

Norterric Assembly - Sekidean Union Treaty Constellation (NA-SU-Sys)


Chapter 01: Pact of Non-Aggression

  1. Member states of both parties agree to not show any aggression whatsoever towards each other.
  2. If a third party engages in an aggressive action against any of the signatories, the remaining signatories agree to either remain neutral on the matter, or support the threatened signatory.
  3. If a conflict arises amongst the signatories, a commission composed of an equal number of members from both organisations is formed in order to resolve the conflict in a peaceful manner.
  4. The Pact of Non-Aggression functions on an opt-out basis for the exclusive members of the Norterric Assembly.
    1. The members of the Norterric Assembly, that will choose not to partake in the bilateral Pact of Non-Aggression between the NA and the SU, shall not be granted the privileges established by the article in question.

Chapter 02: Free Trade Pact

  1. The two parties agree to eliminate tariffs and customs between their member states with the following exceptions:
    1. Unless the goods are imported from a country which is not a member of either of the two organisations and does not have a free trade deal with both of the organisations.
  2. The Free Trade Pact functions on an opt-out basis for the exclusive members of the Norterric Assembly.
    1. The members of the Norterric Assembly, that will choose not to partake in the bilateral Free Trade Pact between the NA and the SU, shall not be granted the privileges established by the article in question.

Chapter 03: Intergovernmental Coöperation

  1. Both organisation are free to elect one non-voting member of the opposite organisation to observe the legislative process of the highest legislative body of the opposing party.
  2. A citizen of any of the signatories shall be free to participate in their government’s elections whilst being on the territory of another signatory.
  3. The Intergovernmental Coöperation functions on an opt-out basis for the exclusive members of the Norterric Assembly.
    1. The members of the Norterric Assembly, that will choose not to partake in the bilateral Intergovernmental Coöperation between the member states of the NA and the SU, shall not be granted the privileges established by the article in question.