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Library:Treaties preceding the Sekidean Charter

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Abbreviations and shorthand names

  • Sekidean Union - SU, The Union, the Union, Union
  • Inner Sekidean Union - ISU, The Inner Union, the Inner Union, Inner Union, Inner Countries, Inner countries
  • Dokodo Union - DU, Dokodo
  • Norterric Assembly - NA, Norterric, Norterria, Norterrica
  • Member State of the Sekidean Union - SU Member, SU member, The Member, Member, Sekidean Member, Member Entity, Member entity - currently 17 states
  • Member Entity of the Sekidean Union - SU Entity, SU entity, The Entity, Entity, Sekidean Entity, Member State, Member state - currently 20 entities
  • Member of the Inner Sekidean Union - ISU Member, ISU member, Inner Sekidean Member, Inner Sekidean member, Inner Member, Inner member, Inner Country, Inner country - currently 10 members
  • Country applicating for the SU membership - The Applicant, Applicant, Applicant nation, Applicant country, The Candidate, Candidate, Candidate nation, Candidate country
  • Country applicating for the ISU membership - The ISU Applicant, ISU Applicant, ISU Applicant nation, ISU Applicant country, The ISU Candidate, ISU Candidate, ISU Candidate nation, ISU Candidate country
  • Country associated to the SU via a special deal - The Associate, Associate, SU Associate, Associated nation, Associated country
  • Sekidean Charter - Sekidean Treaty, Sekidean Treaties, SU Treaty, SU Treaties, The Treaty, The Treaties, The System, SU Charter, The Charter
  • Sekidean Treaty System - SU Treaty System, The Treaty System, Treaty System, The System, Sekidean System
  • Inner Sekidean Treaty System - ISU Treaty System, ISU Treaties, ISU System

Treaties preceding the establishment of the Sekidean Union

Treaty of the Shanghou River

  1. Countries signing the treaty are obligated to join defensive wars of other countries as far as they are in the dedicated area (via map inset included)
  2. Countries signing the treaty can demand their defense if they feel threatened
  3. Countries agree to share partially-merged international politics
  4. Countries agree to respect national minorities of other national countries
  5. If there is a coup or a civil war in one of the countries, other countries are obligated not to join in support of the rebel forces
  6. Common military practice is to be held at least once in a five year period

Treaty establishing the Purple Community