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List of Tyrnican monarchs

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Audonian dynasty (463–509)

Audun I (Tyrnican: Audawiniz, Sabarine: Audinius) was the heir of a Tyrnican tribal chieftain under the suzerainty of the Sabarine Empire in the mid-5th century. Audun was educated in Sabaria from the age of ten, later becoming a Sabarine military officer and commanding the Legio IV Vervillia, which primarily consisted of Tyrnican recruits. In 460, Audun returned to Tyrnica following his appointment as the regional military governor (Sabarine: Dux Tyrnica) and put down two native revolts in Stierstandt and Thalerby. When Septimus Taurinus was assassinated in the Occident, Audun seized power and declared himself King of the Tyrnicans (Sabarine: Rex Tyrnicorum).

Portrait Name Ruled from Ruled until Relationship with predecessor(s) Title
Arminius pushkin.jpg Audun I the Great
1 November 463 18 October 482  • Crowned by the Apostolic Dicere King of the Tyrnicans
(Rex Tyrnicorum)
(König der Týrnischen)
Münze 50 Denari - Gelimer - König der Vandalen (cropped).jpg Balduin I the Bold
18 October 482 March 489  • Son of Audun I
Bonifatius Comes Africae 422-431CE.jpg Audun II
March 489 October 509  • Son of Audun I

Widogastian dynasty (509–550)

Audun II was survived by two daughters and an infant son, whom he had unilaterally appointed as his heir. However, the Tyrnican monarchy (which remained elective until the 9th century) was instead inherited by Widogast (Tyrnican: Witugast). Although Widogast reigned for just three years, his accession marked the conclusion of the Audonian period and the beginning of the Vereinigung in earnest.

Portrait Name Ruled from Ruled until Relationship with predecessor(s) Title
Recaredo Tremis Ispali.jpg Widogast I
October 509 July 512  • Elected by Tyrnican assembly King of the Tyrnicans
(König der Týrnischen)

House of Varberg (1460–1709)

Portrait Coat of arms Name Ruled from Ruled until Relationship with predecessor(s) Title

Jakob Seisenegger 001.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Frederick I
10 August 1460 12 December 1476  • Elected by Tyrnican assembly
King of Tyrnica
(König von Týland)
Hans Bocksberger der Aeltere 001.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Frederick II
12 December 1476 14 February 1504  • Son of Frederick I
Lucas van Valckenborch - Emperor Matthias as Archduke, with baton.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png William III
14 February 1504 2 April 1522  • Nephew of Frederick II
Friedrich V. von der Pfalz bis.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Ulrich IX 2 April 1522 18 September 1576  • Son of William III
Ludwig Philipp von Pfalz-Simmern.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Erich VII 18 September 1576 20 July 1602  • Son of Ulrich IX
Wolfgang Wilhelm.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Ulrich X 20 July 1602 22 June 1617  • Grandson of Erich VII
Christian II. (Pfalz-Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld).jpeg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Nicholas I
22 June 1617 17 February 1625  • Son of Ulrich X
Charles II, Elector Palatine 01.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png William IV
17 February 1625 29 March 1642  • Son of Nicholas I
Anonym Herzog Philipp Wilhelm.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png William V
29 March 1642 14 October 1693  • Son of William IV
Jan Frans van Douven 003.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png William VI
14 October 1693 30 January 1709  • Grandson of William V

House of Laubbachen (1709–1783)

Following the death of William VI in 1709, the Tyrnican succession was divided between Louis of Valdenberg and Hedwig of Laubbachen (the nephew and niece of William VI, respectively). Louis's claim was backed by Blayk and Vervillia, who stood to gain from a sympathetic Tyrnican monarch. Hedwig's claim was facilitated by her husband's house, which held strong connections to much of the powerful Kürskäringan aristocracy. The decision to crown Hedwig in the Congress of Stierstandt was significant in determining the future of the Tyrnican monarchy, as it represented the first time that a woman was chosen over a legitimate male claimant.

Officially, the Tyrnican monarchs from 1709 to 1783 were members of the House of Varberg-Laubbachen — however, modern-day historians typically refer to the family as the House of Laubbachen in order to differentiate it from the earlier Varberg monarchs and the current royal family of Vervillia.

Portrait Coat of arms Name Ruled from Ruled until Relationship with predecessor(s) Title
Willem Wissing and Jan van der Vaardt - Queen Anne, when Princess of Denmark, 1665 – 1714 - Google Art Project.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Hedwig I 30 January 1709 3 April 1723  • Niece of William VI
Queen of the Tyrnicans
(Königin der Týrnischen)
George II by Thomas Hudson.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Leopold I 13 April 1723 2 August 1745  • Son of Hedwig I King of Tyrnica
(König von Týrland)
Carl Albrecht VII, by workshop of George Desmarees.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Audun VII 2 August 1745 20 November 1770  • Son of Leopold I
Felipe duque de Parma.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Leopold II 20 November 1770 12 May 1783  • Son of Audun VII

House of Weidenhain (1783–Present)

Portrait Coat of arms Name Ruled from Ruled until Relationship with predecessor(s) Title
Charles XIII of Sweden.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png Nicholas II
12 May 1783 1 September 1829  • Second cousin of Leopold II
King of Tyrnica
(König von Týrland)
CarlXIVJohnSweden.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA1800.png William VII
1 September 1829 15 June 1847  • Son of Nicholas II
Friedrich III as Kronprinz - in GdK uniform by Heinrich von Angeli 1874.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA2020.png Frederick III
15 June 1847 27 September 1898  • Son of William VII
Adolf Friedrich V (Mecklenburg-Strelitz).jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA2020.png Ulrich XI 27 September 1898 19 March 1913  • Son of Frederick III
Gustaf VI Adolf av Sverige som kronprins.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA2020.png Ulrich XII 19 March 1913 14 March 1949  • Son of Ulrich XI
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother portrait.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA2020.png Margaret I
14 March 1949 13 July 1990  • Daughter of Ulrich XII
Queen of Tyrnica
(Königin von Týrland)
Charles Prince of Wales.jpg TyrnicanGreaterCOA2020.png Erich VIII 13 July 1990 25 December 1996  • Son of Margaret I
King of Tyrnica
(König von Týrland)
FrederickIVTyrnica.png TyrnicanGreaterCOA2020.png Frederick IV
25 December 1996 Present  • Son of Erich VIII