Liu Mei-han

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Her Excellency

Liu Mei-han
13th President of Laeral
Assumed office
January 6, 2019
Prime MinisterTanvi Misra January 6, 2019-June 4, 2019
Nicolas Martin June 4, 2019-
Preceded byNicholas Brennan
1st Executive Officer of the New Democratic Alliance
Assumed office
November 18th, 2017
DeputyAlexandre Herault
1st Laeralian Ambassador to the World Assembly
In office
December 28th, 2016 – November 3rd, 2017
PresidentNicholas Brennan
Prime MinisterTanvi Misra
Succeeded byJuliette Mao
Governor of Neidong
In office
January 1st, 2013 – December 28th, 2016
Preceded byGerard Luo
Succeeded byMina Delannoy
Member of the Neidong Legislature
In office
August 1, 2006 – October 20, 2012
Parliamentary groupProgressive Party (Laeral)
Member of the National Security Council
In office
February 18, 2000 – July 12, 2004
Personal details
Born (1964-09-16) September 16, 1964 (age 58)
Political partyNew Democratic Alliance
Other political
Progressive Party of Laeral
MotherLiu Xiulan
FatherLiu Cheng
ResidenceRepublic House
Alma materSun Jia-wei National Open University [B.A.], Laeralsford Institute of Political Sciences [M.A., Ph.D.]

Liu Mei-han is a Laeralian politician and member of the New Democratic Alliance (Laeral) currently serving as the 13th and current President of Laeral since 2019. Liu is the first woman and the first unmarried person to hold that position. Liu was formerly the Governor of Neidong and the Laeralian Ambassador to the World Assembly. She succeeded Nicholas Brennan as President following her victory over Damien Vendorme in the 2018 Laeralian general election.

Early Career

Liu was born in 1964 to a working-class family in Nanhai, where she lived with her four younger siblings in public housing in a slum district of Hanshui. She excelled in school, working her way through the prestigious Sun Jia-wei National Open University, and later the Laeralsford Institute of Political Sciences. Upon graduating, Liu became an academic, teaching at various universities, including Élisabeth-Charlotte Cordé National Open University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Diplomatic Academy, for around a decade. After being rejected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liu was appointed in 2000 as a specialist consultant for the National Security Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focusing on foreign relations within the Hespian continent, although she kept her academic position at the time. Liu was also appointed as Chair of the Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy Council, a think-tank, before resigning from all of her governmental and non-governmental positions in 2004 for personal reasons, although she only left her academic positions in 2006.

Political Career

In 2006, Liu ran for the Neidong provincial legislature as a Progressive, where she served, rising to Deputy Speaker of the Legislature, until choosing to run for Governor of the province in 2012. Liu unexpectedly won the Progressive primary and won a narrow victory. Following her victory, Liu was elected Vice-Chair of the Progressive Governors’ Congress. Her name was suggested for the post of Foreign Minister under the First Misra Government, but she was rejected in favor of Marie-Claire Beringer. However, Liu resigned as Neidong Governor in 2016, after she was named by President Brennan as the first Laeralian Ambassador to the World Assembly, which she held until resigning in 2017 to form the New Democratic Alliance.

Presidential Campaign

Liu announced that she would seeking the New Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2017. With no other New Democratic candidates opposing her, she won the nomination. Liu's campaign was characterized by a focus on social media campaigning, and she was in third place (behind Tanvi Misra and Damien Vendorme) in most polls until the Serriel Affair, which damaged Misra's popularity. Liu won 20% of the vote, narrowly outpacing Misra to advance to the run-off against Damien Vendorme. On December 23rd, 2018, Liu won the presidency with 57% of the nationwide vote. Liu was sworn in as president on January 6, 2019.


Faced with an unusually fragmented National Assembly, months were spent in coalition talks, leading to rumors that Liu would call fresh elections. On June 4, 2019, Liu announced the formation of a coalition government consisting of her own New Democrats in coalition with the Progressives, Conservatives, and Green Party, with [Nicolas Martin]] of her own political party as Prime Minister. The coalition government's first act was to pass an aid package to rebuild Lauchenoiria following the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War.

Personal Life

Liu is unmarried, although she has dated in past. Rumors persist that she is a lesbian, although these rumors are generally believed to be false. She lives with two cats.